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Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy MamaSezz Meat Free Bolognese Sauce

Cutting to the chase….

Whether you’re partaking in meat-free Monday or totally embracing the whole food plant-based lifestyle, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy hearty delicious meals. Exhibit A: our meat-free Bolognese Sauce. A whole food plant-based take on the traditional Italian dish, made with the spices you know and love...without the cholesterol. And while it’s pretty darn delicious on poured over your favorite whole grain pasta, there are so many fun and tasty ways to jazz up a dish with MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce, from cottage pie to vegan moussaka to stuffed peppers.

Digging Deeper…

A major concern many have when they move to a whole food plant-based lifestyle is that eating will be boring. We get it! If you've been eating a Standard American Diet for most of your life, it can be hard to image mealtimes outside of meat and dairy. But we’re here to tell you that plant-based eating isn’t just healthy; it’s ANYTHING but boring.

At MamaSezz, we’ve made it our mission to make eating plant-based easy AND delicious. One of our top tips for spicing up any plant-based dish? It’s all about the sauce, baby. And lucky for you, our plant-based chefs have been hard at work whipping up some truly divine oil-free sauces, like our meat-free Bolognese Sauce. Our vegan bolognese isn’t just an instant flavor-booster, it’s also hearty as heck -- made with protein-packed tempeh, fresh veggies, and savory spices.

While pasta and bolognese are an obvious winning pair, what we love about this oil-free sauce is how truly versatile it is. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite ways to enjoy MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce, so you can mix it up on the kitchen should the mood strike.

Our 10 Favorite Ways to Enjoy MamaSezz Bolognese

1. Loaded Baked Potatoes

Bake a potato (Russet or sweet potato) and add a generous dollop of MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce, plus a drizzle of our non-dairy cheese sauce, MamaSezz Mama’s Mac Sauce (told you our chefs were hard at work on these oil-free sauces). Round out your meal with a side of steamed broccoli. (Psst...spud fans: check out some of our other favorite vegan baked potato toppings.)

2. Stuffed Peppers

Your new go-to weeknight meal, stuffed peppers are family-friendly and easy peasy to make! Halve a fresh red or yellow pepper, hollow it out, and stuff with brown rice (or your favorite whole grain) plus some MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce. Bake in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes then top with MamaSezz Mama’s Mac Sauce.

3. Sloppy Joe’s

Whether you’ve got kids to please or you’re just a kid at heart, a Sloppy Joe will do the trick just fine come lunchtime. Crumble up a slice or two of MamaSezz Veggie Loaf and add to a pan over medium heat with MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce. Once heated, scoop the hearty combo onto your favorite whole grain bun for a plant-based take on a childhood classic.

4. “Beefed” Up Avocado Toast

Move over avocado, there’s a new cool toast topper in town. Heat up your MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce and spread on whole grain toast for a protein-boosted morning. Top with chopped parsley, a squirt of fresh lemon, and of course, sliced avocado.

5. With Zoodles

Make it a gluten-free pasta night with zoodles (spiralized zucchini) and MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce. You can spiralize the zucchini yourself or pick up some prepared zoodles from the produce section at your grocery store. Whatever floats your plant-based boat!

6. Loaded Nachos

Thought chili cheese Nacho days were behind you? Think again! You can enjoy this sports bar masterpiece, without needing to curl up into a ball afterward. Bake oil-free tortilla chips and top with diced green onions, fresh cilantro, sliced black olives, and a generous serving of MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce. Oh, and vegan nachos just aren’t complete without our non-dairy MamaSezz Mama’s Mac Sauce.

7. Cottage pie

Newsflash: you don’t need to serve meat to delight everyone at your table. This plant-based crowd pleaser is tantalizing proof. Heat your MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce until warmed through and pour into a baking dish that’s small enough so the sauce is an inch (2.5cm) deep. Then smother that sauce with heated MamaSezz Cajun Mashed Potatoes or MamaSezz Mashed Sweet Potato. Garnish with minced fresh basil or parsley.

8. Moussaka

Get Greek inspired with a plant-based moussaka! Layer MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce between cooked slices of eggplant and mashed or baked potato for a quick and delicious – although admittedly inauthentic – moussaka. Garnish with MamaSezz Mama’s Mac Sauce and fresh basil.

9. Chili Carrot Dogs

Yes, carrot dogs are a thing, and they’re a dang tasty alternative to less-than-healthy hot dogs. For real! While many of the vegan hot dogs on the market are overly processed and packed with sodium, this vegan cookout recipe is fresh, easy, and kid-approved -- what more could you ask for? Top with heated MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce, onions, and relish and even the omnivores at the cookout will be lining up for a bite.

10. Over Brown Rice

Cook up some brown rice or your favorite whole grain and while that’s going, saute your favorite veggies (here’s how to do it without oil). We love onions, mushrooms, and zucchini with this dish but anything in your fridge and pantry will do so clean out what you got. Add heated MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce to your sauteed veggies and pour over rice for a hearty lunch bowl.

Soooo much more than pasta sauce

Don’t get us wrong  MamaSezz meat-free Bolognese Sauce goes dang well with any pasta (and you can even order it from us with gluten-free noodles included if you like!). But variety in a whole food plant-based diet is important to us (and to our customers), which is why we make sure all our dishes are as versatile as they are appetizing. So next time you’re wondering what’s for dinner, bust out the MamaSezz Bolognese Sauce and whip up:

  • Loaded Baked Potatoes
  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Sloppy Joe’s
  • “Beefed” Up Avocado Toast
  • Zoodles and Bolognese
  • Loaded Nachos
  • Cottage Pie
  • Moussaka
  • Chili Carrot Dogs
  • Brown Rice Bowls

What you should do now

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