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Gift Your Mom the Gift of Health This Mother's Day

May 03, 2017

Gift Your Mom the Gift of Health This Mother's Day

Being a mom is so many things. It's a lot of work, a lot of joy, a lot of tears, a lot of laughs. Also (if we're being honest), it's a lot sacrifice. A mom might give up...

- a good night's sleep to rock the baby back to sleep.

- quiet time (kids are LOUD).

- personal space to share her bed after a nightmare. 

- money (kids are EXPENSIVE).

- sick days...because even though she's got the flu, so do her kids.

And sometimes, she even sacrifices her health. When you're in the throes of parenthood, especially in the early years, there's always a little less time to work out, to get rest, to eat right.

The Gift of Health 

If you ask your mom about her sacrifices she'll probably tell you they were all worth it. And as a mom myself, I'll tell you the same thing - they ARE worth it. That said, Mother's Day is the perfect time to prioritize your mom, to show her how much it means to you that she's always had your back, to take care of her. 

A balanced diet is the foundation for any healthy woman. Plant-based meals are:

So this Mother's Day, we say celebrate the amazing mothers in your life with an introduction to plant-based foods.

If you don't feel like cooking... 

Stock your mom's fridge with 20+ servings of delicious and fresh ready-made meals when you order our GET ME STARTED bundle. We'll do the cooking, you catch up with mom. 


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