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It's Not-A-Cookie...But Our New Plant-Based Dessert Sure Tastes Like One

Written by Ali Donahue
It's Not-A-Cookie...But Our New Plant-Based Dessert Sure Tastes Like One

Quick Take

Sweet tooth at odds with your whole food plant-based diet? We hear you and we were you...which is why we're pleased as punch to introduce our newest sweet treat that just happens to be good for you. Say hello the plant-based dessert and snack you can indulge in with zero guilt: the MamaSezz Not-a-Cookie.

Our flagship flavor, the All Day, is now available as monthly subscription or give 'em a try and simply add-on to your next MamaSezz order. 

What the Heck is Not-A-Cookie? We're Glad You Asked...

All Day Not-A-Cookie

It’s a breakfast goodie.

It’s a midday snack.

It’s a post workout boost.

It’s a midnight munchie.

It’s all that and more...

It’s just Not-a-Cookie…...though this plant-based dessert sure tastes like one.

This healthy treat is made with non-GMO, gluten-free, 100% whole food plant-based ingredients – and zippo chemicals – so you can eat it all day long, guilt-free. It's proof once and for all that you can power your day and satiate your sweet tooth – they are NOT mutually exclusive.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Not-A-Cookies Include:

  • high in protein (for a plant-powered day!)
  • high in fiber (hello happy tummies!)
  • filled with disease-fighting antioxidants
  • loaded with immunity-boosting zinc
  • refined sugar-free and naturally sweetened with nature's candy, the humble date!
  • cholesterol, free, baby!

Told ya – definitely Not-A-Cookie. (It's so much better.) 

An All Day Snack (or Meal!) for your Busy Life

Not only is the Not-A-Cookie a sweet treat that just happens to be good for you, it's also way convenient. The grab-and-go WFPB snack you've been looking for but dared not dream existed. 

The All Day, our flagship flavor, has that just right soft baked texture, a hint of sweetness, and plenty of oomph to power through your day. They are chock full of nutrients so - yes, you can enjoy them ALL day long.

(Though full disclosure: snack is kind of an understatement, really. Not-a-Cookies are so loaded up with WFPB goodness they keep you full and happy for hours, like a meal!)

No more bland power bars with chalky powder tastes. No more crumbly tasteless granola all over the car seat. And no more processed cookies that leave you feeling sluggish and bleh. 

Not-A-Cookies are the daily indulgence you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, with zero guilt. In a car, on a hike, in a closet (because you hid the last box for yourself). 

But Look, Don't Just Take Our Word for It

"My go-to snack, I keep them in the car and in my bag. Love them, they're delicious and give me the boost I need mid-day." - Customer Catherine C.

“Ok, first bite, OMG, hid them from my family ;)  Doubled my order for next week. Way better than a bar or cookie!!”- Customer Sue S.

“These All Days are tremendous.” Verified Customer Pat D.

STAY TUNED: More Tantalizing Flavors for your Sweet Tooth

Not-A-Cookies all 3

The All Day is so good we couldn't stop at just one flavor! We've got two more in the works to make your guilt-free snacking even better. Stay tuned for Jammin' Jinger and Cacao Dreams...

Don't miss a thing! Make sure you're signed up for the MamaSezz newsletter to stay in the know on all things Not-A-Cookies. 

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