Raw Cacao Pudding

January 23, 2017

1 medium ripe avocado
½ cup of dates (pitted)
2 ½ tbsp. of raw cacao powder
¼ cup of water + 1/8 cup of water (add more if necessary)
1 ½ tbsp. of honey 
1/8 tsp. sea salt

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend on slow then turn to high until smooth. You might need to start and stop this a few times to get it to blend properly because the dates will require more blending than puddings without dates.

If necessary, add a tiny bit of extra water to facilitate blending, but just a little bit at a time.

Note: You may want to soak the dates in warm water an hour or so if they don’t blend properly. 

Serves 2


Raw Cacao Pudding Nutrition Label