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Vegan Valentine's Day Menu: Easy WFPB Recipes for Date Night

Written by MamaSezz Team
Vegan Valentine's Day Menue

Cook your special someone a delicious and romantic three-course meal at home with our free vegan Valentine's Day menu. Best of all? These recipes aren't just absolutely mouth-watering, they're whole food plant-based and hearty healthy, too. The gift of health — there's nothing better!  

Ready to Get Fancy? Print this Vegan Valentine's Day Menu and Present on a Beautifully Set Table

Click the image below to download your FREE printable vegan Valentine's Day menu 


How to Set the Scene for Your 3-Course Vegan Valentine's Day Menu at Home 

  1. Prep and cook the appetizer, entree and dessert ahead of time. 
  2. Dress up — as if you were going out. Your favorite LBD. A jack and tie. Whatever makes you feel fancy. 
  3. And don't forget your significant other! Leave the printed vegan Valentine's Day menu (download above) next to it with a handwritten note that says “Meet me in the dining room at 8 pm, formal wear optional.” 
  4. Go all out! Get flowers, candles, twinkle lights, anything that'll make your dining room feel extra
  5. Play a romantic Spotify playlists to match the music to the mood. A few suggestions...

“Italy in Love” - click to listen here
“Valentine's Day Love” - click here to listen
“Date Night Jazz” - click here to listen  


OK, Now Let's Cook! Here's Your WFPB Recipes

Vegan Valentine's Day Appetizer: WFPB Artichoke Spinach Dip

Creamy, decadent, tangy and delicious, this WFPB lemon spinach artichoke dip pairs nicely with hearty, whole grain bread.

Presentation: Throw the bread in the oven for the last 8-10 minutes while your tasty vegan dip cooks, then place on a plate or in a basket wrapped in a cloth napkin to keep it warm. Serve with a butter knife and bread plates. 

Vegan Valentine's Day Entree: Creamy Basil Avocado Pasta

Can you even have a Valentine's Day dinner without pasta? I certainly don't this so! And this vegan creamy basil avocado pasta is perfect for any vegan who misses Alfredo. It feels oh-so-decadent, without any of the heaviness of dairy. For an even healthier spin use zoodles instead of brown rice pasta. 

Presentation: Top with fresh sprigs of basil, a lemon wedge, and freshly ground black pepper. 

Vegan Valentine's Day Dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cliche for a reason, I'm going to go ahead and say there is no dessert more romantic than chocolate-covered strawberries. And you don't need refined-sugar to make them thanks to this whole food plant-based take on chocolate sauce.

Presentation: Pre dip whole strawberries in the Chocolate Sauce and evenly spaced on a plate to share or place fresh strawberries in a large bowl, and fill a smaller bowl with the chocolate sauce for dipping. If you have a dark chocolate bar, shave some of it onto the top of the sauce. Garnish with a mint leaf if possible. 

Vegan Valentine's Day Drinks

Pour chilled seltzer into champagne flutes. Add 1 large basil leaf and a few slices of fresh strawberry to each. 

Get Creative: Finishing Touches to Elevate your Vegan Valentine's Day

1. Easy cloth napkin folding 

Recreate your favorite fancy restaurant with this short tutorial video.

2. Make Your OWN flowers

Couldn't get your order in to a florist on time? No worries. Watch this short how-to video to make origami roses at home. 

3. Slow Dance!

Wow your vegan Valentine on the dance floor...even if it's in your own living room. Watch this to learn how to slow dance in 4 easy steps.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Not with the one you love this Valentine's Day? Send them the gift of health with a MamaSezz gift card for vegan food delivery. Your special someone gets ready-made and whole food plant-based meal staples, delivered right to their door! 

 Updated 2/2/22


By The MamaSezz Team

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