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Classic Cornbread ($2.33 serving)

  • Plantricious

    Servings: 3 ($2.33/serving)

    Low fat. Saturated fat and cholesterol free. Good source of dietary fiber and protein.

    A healthy take on an old school favorite with just the right amount of sweetness. Pour some Millie’s Chili over it for a nutritious comfort food lunch your whole family will love

    *All MamaSezz meals are produced in a facility that uses nuts and soy

  • Ingredients: soy milk, yellow corn meal, rice flour, raisins, corn, maple syrup, water, apples, flaxseed, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, baking soda, vanilla 

  • Serving size: ½ cup

    Servings per container: 3

    Calories per serving: 240

    Calories from fat: 20. Total fat: 2.5g (4% DV). Saturated fat: 0g (0% DV). Trans fat: 0g. Cholesterol: 0mg (0% DV). Sodium: 350mg (15% DV). Potassium: 170mg (5% DV). Total carbohydrate: 53g (18% DV). Dietary fiber: 4g (16% DV). Sugars: 9g. Protein: 6g

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