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Specialty Bundles

Protein Bundle

Vegan | Gluten Free | Whole Food | No Oil 

  • Fill the fridge plant-based protein.
  • Make mealtime easy, by using these familiar flavors to enhance your dish. 
  • Perfect for main dish, breakfast, sandwiches, salads, stir fry, pasta dishes and more! 
Enjoy some of MamaSezz's most highly rated products, in one bundle. 

"I just opened my Tuna-ish salad for lunch today and expected an okay replacement for tuna fish and boy was I wrong. Tuna-is is not an acceptable replacement for tuna fish, it is an incredible product that tastes better than what I remember tuna fish tasting like!! I put a dill pickle sliced and a big heaping of Tuna-Fish on a tortilla made it a wrap and am practically purring as I eat it. Thank you so much for making yet another product that eliminates my craving for non-vegan food because this is so much better."

-Kathie, MamaSezz Customer


With Your Protein Bundle 

  • Optional servings suggestions for added variety 
  • 8 MamaSezz protein-based products, with over 3 servings each

Tuna-ish Salad (6 servings) 
Garlic Ginger Protein Strips (4 servings) 
Mama's Burger (4 servings) 
Aunt Mary's Chick'n Salad (6 servings)   
Walnut Taco Meat (8 servings)
Breakfast Sausage (3 servings) 
BBQ Protein Strips (4 servings) 
Italian Herb Protein Strips (4 servings) 

*MamaSezz foods are made in a facility that uses nuts and soy.