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Classic Summer Bundle

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"Yes, I'll have seconds please..."

A warm summer breeze, an easy dinner on the deck, and next to no clean up. Ahhhh.. that's the way to kick off summer.
The MamaSezz seasonal, limited-time Classic Summer Bundle is filled with your favorite summer meals.

Delicious, savory, a little sweet and hearty ready-made familiar summer classics, including our juicy NEW High Protein Burger. All of your favorites, without the hassle.

With multiple servings of each product, the meals are  perfect for a summer BBQ or  family cookout. Leave the cooking to us and focus on what really matters, the people you love in your life.

In your box:

Easy heat and eat instructions

Suggested ways to spice up your MamaSezz ready-made meal foundations

2 classic side-dish recipes to elevate your summer BBQ (BONUS!)

30+ servings of fresh, ready-made, plant-based food (that lasts 2 weeks in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the freezer)

9 delicious, classic summer meal foundations:

    (2 packs) High Protein Burgers- 8 servings

    (2 bags) Mama's Baked Beans- 12 servings 

    (2 bags) Mama's Southern Style Potato Salad- 12 servings

    (1 tray) Classic Cornbread- 3 servings

    (1 bag) Pecan Balsamic Dressing- 14 servings

    (1) Bag of Greens



    *MamaSezz foods are made in a facility that uses nuts and soy.