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Festive and Flavorful Mexican Bundle


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We are Kim (Chickpea) and Marc (Bean), the plant-powered couple. Marc tackled diabetes and other health issues with a wholefood, plant-based lifestyle. We're thrilled with the results and want to let you know that eating this way might help you too.

We teamed up with our friends at MamaSezz to create foods filled with delicious Mexican flavors. These recipes remind Marc of the meals his mom used to make.

In order to tackle diabetes, Marc and Kim figured out how to incorporate his favorite seasonings into the foods he loves while at the same times making them plant-based and low fat.

Interested in trying the same approach? The talented people at MamaSezz designed new recipes based on this approach. They are delicious! Ready-made, low-fat, plant-based, whole-food meals provide a break from having to prepare food (and from having to do dishes).

  • Keep your food culture strong while reaping health benefits
  • Never worry about running out of healthy meals for you and your family
  • Stock your fridge and freezer

In your box

  • Suggested ways to serve your MamaSezz meals with a traditional Mexican flavor profile
  • Easy heat and eat instructions
  • 10 delicious products with several servings each

What's in My Bundle?

Millie's Chili, 3 servings
Vegan Sour Cream, 4 servings
Tofu Scramble, 2 servings 
Chili Lime Protein Strips, 4 servings 
Big Bag of Rice, 6 servings
Walnut Taco Meat, 8 servings
Quinoa Stack, 3 servings
Breakfast Protein Bowl, 1 serving 
Breakfast Potatoes, 2 servings 
Mexican Spice Mix


*MamaSezz foods are made in a facility that uses nuts and soy.

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