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Healthy Heart Bundle

The meals in this bundle follow heart-healthy guidelines with no oil and no nuts. (Note all MamaSezz products are oil free!). 

In the box:

  • A brochure outlining everything you need to know about what’s in your box.

Designed to feed 1 person for 7 days.

Quinoa Stack - 1.75 servings
Millie’s Chili - 3 servings
Small Veggie Loaf - 1.75 servings
Gardener’s Pie - 3 servings
Bolognese With Pasta  - 3 servings
Moroccan Stew - 3 servings
Marinara Sauce - 5 servings

Beef up (haha) your heart health by adding some Strong Heart Beets beet puree to your bundle. Beets contain pigments called betalains, which possess a number of anti-inflammatory properties so they help reduce chronic inflammation associated with heart disease. 

These dishes are entrees so you may want to round out your meals with side salads or other veggies. MamaSezz eat your veggies!

The idea for MamaSezz came when doctors told our Mama (Millie), who had congestive heart failure, that she was going to die. Today, 8 years later, Millie is alive and thriving (and swimming and driving and playing with her grandkids) because of a whole food plant-based diet. So this bundle is close to our heart!

All MamaSezz meals are:

Wheat free
Refined sugar-free
All-natural, whole food plant-based

We offer free shipping to most states in the northeast and reduced rate shipping to some states in the southeast. Our food is fresh and ready to eat so we use FedEx 2 day shipping and the cost to ship out west is higher from our Keene, New Hampshire plant. But stay tuned! We're opening a second production facility out west soon which will reduce shipping rates big time :) Click here for detailed shipping information.

Allergy Warning

MamaSezz makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those individuals with food allergies. We label items with possible allergens however, cross-contamination is possible because our foods are made in a facility that uses nuts and soy.

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