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Weight Loss

"I LOVE this program! I’m 57 years young and have a lot of living to do! I've lost 65lbs ! CRPS in remission in right arm, blood pressure SUPER, cholesterol well, that’s perfect too. Oh, I’m not sporting a fatty liver anymore and my thyroid shrunk. I have never felt this hopeful and good. The best part? I don't worry about my weight anymore!" -Mindy C

Bills and ships every week. You can pause or stop at any time.

Vegan | High Protein | Gluten Free | Whole Food | No Oil 

Sick of yo yo dieting? Struggling with health issues and want to change? Tired of expensive weight loss programs that promise everything and deliver nothing? If you are exhausted from trying your best to lose weight and failing, we have good news for you.

Lose weight naturally with the MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Bundle.

No calorie counting, no gaining back the weight just a few weeks later. Flood your body with nutrients by eating tasty, comforting, and satisfying whole food plant-based meals - and lose weight easily. 

The best part? Results are guaranteed. 

You Get:

  • A successful structured weight loss program based on brain science and solid nutrition to help you lose the weight for good.

  • 7 day plan (21 meals per week) 3 Meals per day and snacks, packed with nutrients.

  • New meals and menu every week.

  • Specialized weekly meal  bundles guaranteed to help you lose the weight for good.

  • Personalized support.

  • Talk with real people who are here to help you lose the weight for good.


Breakfast: MamaSezz Scalloped Potatoes with a Blueberry Smoothie

Lunch: MamaSezz Millie’s Chili Stuffed Baked Potato and Avocado

Dinner: Loaded Mama’s Veggie Burger with a Mama's large Salad

Snacks: 2 a day

Drinks: Coffee, Tea, Water, Lemon Water, Mama's Power Spritzer.