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How to Help Your Aging Parents Eat Healthy (Without Losing Your Mind)


Worried you're not doing enough to help your aging parents? Do you look in their fridge and stress out over the lack of any real food in there? Are they surviving on easy-to-prepare processed food, cereals, crackers, or worse yet, skipping meals?

You are not alone.

45 million people in the US are helping to take care of their parents. Most are pressed for time, energy, and resources. It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking - you know you "should" be doing more, but you're just too tired, or too far away, or too busy to help as much as you'd like. So how can you spend more time just enjoying your parents' company and less time running errands or worrying about their health? 

Help your elderly parents get the healthy meals they need with delicious, hearty, and plant-based meals delivered right to your their door - already cooked. All they have to do is heat and they get the nourishing food they need to stay healthy and you'll have more time and energy to enjoy their company. 


No Cooking Required


There are few things more frustrating than seeing an aging parent lose their appetite or energy to cook. And you don't always have time to prep, cook, and bring healthy meals to your loved one's house.

Stop feeling guilty (we know, it's hard!) and let us help. We'll deliver delicious, organic, and fresh plant-based meals to family member's door, already cooked. All they have to do is heat it up.

It's like having a personal chef...without doling out the $5000/week salary. 

The Comfort Food They Love. 



Our ready-made meals are 100% whole foods, plant-based, with organic ingredients sourced from local farms in Vermont and New Hampshire.  And each dish is a healthy spin on a comfort food classic. 

The Nutrition They Need.


So much of processed food is literally making folks sick - be it diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. But let's be honest: eating healthy meals can be a lot of work - and when not done right, the food can taste really bland. For seniors with aging tastebuds and a waning appetite, bland isn't going to cut it. And this is a slippery slope. A healthy diet is literally life sustaining.

Eating plant-based foods can lead to:

How It Works

Order ready-made and healthy meals in seconds.

1. Fill your cart 

Select plant-based meals then place your order by 8pm ET Sunday to get delivery upcoming week.

2. Food arrives

Delicious healthy comfort food arrives in our eco-friendly coolers on Thursday or Friday.

3. Heat and Eat

Your loved ones can enjoy a homestyle meal without the work. All they have to do is heat and eat.

4. Return Cooler

Use return shipping label included in delivery to send back the cooler - we'll recycle it!

Get Healthy Meals Now

We've Been There


"The number one concern I had as my mother got older was - is she eating? The answer was yep, my mom was eating...but not the right stuff and not nearly enough, which was really scary. 

She had congestive heart failure and was released to us on hospice care with 10% heart function. Once we started putting plant-based meals in front of her, we saw her health transform. Five years later, she's doing great and her heart function is at 45 percent. She drives everywhere, swims several times a week, and plays with her 5-year-old granddaughter daily.

We set out to make it easy for other folks to help their family members eat healthy, plant-based meals."

- Meg Donahue, co-founder MamaSezz

No More Worrying if They're Eating Right

Let us take something off your plate by putting something healthy on your loved one's plate. 

Our Get Me Started bundle has enough ready-made plant-based meals to last one person two weeks. It's chock-full of delicious, hearty, fresh and already-cooked plant-based dishes so you can rest assured your parent is enjoying healthy, well-balanced, tasty meals every day.