Invite Your Pals

How can you invite your friends to enjoy MamaSezz food?

Talk to them. 


Call them up, invite them over for a bowl of chili, meet them for coffee. 

Connect IRL (in real life).

Tell them why you’re so jazzed up over plant-based eating and why you chose MamaSezz. 

If they don’t already know about the power of plant-based food, share your story (or share ours, if you like).  No sales pitch, no preaching, no free coupons, no gimmicks to get you or your pals to buy.  Just an honest story of how eating a few more fruits and veggies can change your life and help the planet.

We get it.

Cooking plant-based meals can be difficult and time consuming. So help a friend out, take a load off their shoulders, and pass on the good word about our prepared and hearty meals, delivered right to their doorstep. With our healthy and delicious food in their fridge, they’ll have more time on their hands to hang out with the people they love and do the things that bring them joy.

In short, MamaSezz is here to help fuel this big adventure called life.

Pass it on.

Meg Donahue

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