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Plant Plunge Bundle

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By Chickpea and Bean 

We are Kim (Chickpea) and Marc (Bean), the plant-powered couple. Marc tackled diabetes and other health issues with a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. We're thrilled with the results and want to let you know that eating this way might help you too.

We teamed up with our friends at MamaSezz to design this low-fat bundle of our favorite foods. By eating foods just like this Marc conquered his health issues. And, they’re delicious!

In Your Box

  • Meal pairing suggestions (optional)
  • Easy heat and eat instructions 
  • 9 delicious multi-serving products 


Jerk Lentils (6 servings) 

Moroccan Stew (3 servings)

Lentil Dhal Over Quinoa (2 servings)

Gardener's Pie (3 servings) 

Breakfast Scramble (2 servings)

Big Bag of Rice (6 servings) 

Garlic Ginger Protein Strips (4 servings)

Jerk Spiced Protein Strips (4 servings)

Breakfast Sausage (3 servings) 




*MamaSezz meals are made in a facility with nuts and soy

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