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Mama's Baked Beans

These plant-protein packed beans will elevate any summer BBQ, cookout or family dinner. Sweet, thick, rich, deeply flavored and a hint of spice from Mama's special sauce. Unlike classic baked beans, Mama's Baked Beans are free of refined sugars, oils and cholesterol. Pair with our High Protein Burgers or serve as a protein packed side.

Navy beans, onion, garlic, tomato paste, dates, spices

100% Plant-based, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, NON-GMO

So Good!

I am only about eight weeks into a whole food, plant-based way of eating so I am used to the sugary, canned baked beans that are on every store shelf in America. I didn't know what to expect from Mamasezz baked beans but I was REALLY pleasantly surprised! So good. The beans are not mushy, the flavor is tomato-y and good, and they are not too sweet or ketchup-y. These are a VERY good companion to a veggie burger or good as a snack on their own.

1/2 a cup per serving

Breakfast Tacos: in a corn shell, with pan fried potatoes, sliced tomato, and green onion.

Southern Nachos: Top baked (oil-free) chips with your Baked Beans, thinly sliced red onion, corn, and avocado.

Pineapple baked beans: Mix with pineapple chunks and chilies.

Breakfast: On toast

Frank n’ beans: Bake with baby carrots until they soften.

Saturated Fat Free
Cholesterol Free
Excellent Source of Dietary Fiber
Good Source of Protein
Good Source of Iron
Good Source of Protein