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Peak Performance Bundle

Food to build your immunity, enhance your performance, and prevent injury so you can push yourself to the limit. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Jami Dulaney, a board certified Cardiologist and endurance athlete who has completed over twenty marathons, a 50K ultra marathon, and six full distance triathlons.

These vegan athlete meals are packed with naturally occurring nutrients specifically chosen for athletes like you including:

  • Powerful inflammation-fighting antioxidants that reduce muscle and joint pain and prevent injuries.
  • Potassium which prevents muscle spasms and enhances muscle and nerve function.
  • Calcium which enhances your bodies ability to develop limber muscles and Iron which promotes oxygen distribution.
  • Digestible fiber which promotes a steady release of glucose to prevent energy spikes and crashes.
  • Plant-based protein which is the purest muscle-building protein available (no supplements necessary!).


What’s Inside:

High Protein Breakfast Bar, 6 servingsStrong Heart Beets, 4 servings Aunt Mary’s Chick’n Salad, 6 servings High Protein Burgers, 4 servings Hungarian Mushroom Soup, 3 servings Lazy Lasagna, 3 servings Gardener’s Pie, 3 servings Mama's Baked Beans, 6 servingsRanch Dressing, 8 servings
9delicious ready-made whole food plant-based staples
Easy heat and eat instructions
Optional meal hacks for variety
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What's in My Bundle?

Heather L

Wow! I’ve tried several vegan home delivery meal kits. Most of them are good, but require the same amount of prep and cooking as if I shopped for the ingredients myself. I just received my first Mama Sezz (Athlete) bundle and so far the food is fantastic! It’s just like homemade, but without the work. It’s going to make meal prep so easy for me during the week and I’m already looking forward to my next meal. In addition, it tastes like REAL food, because it is real food. It’s flavorful and savory and filling. I’m looking forward to seeing how this delicious food will affect my weight lifting. Highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence

Dale G

Excellent to have delicious food to fuel my workouts! Well done MamaSezz- the meals are great and they give me wiggle room to add my own touches. I love not having to worry about getting nutritious meals that taste good.

Robbie B

I have been so thrilled with all of the items that I ordered these past two weeks. I ate the granola today. Oh my! I am going to have to hide that from myself or it will be gone in a day. I told my brother about Mama Sezz and he and his family are going to start ordering too! I gave him a long list of all of the things he should get. (I think he’s going to start out with a Get Me Started bundle).

Again, thank you for the soup and for creating all of this wonderful food.


Why do you recommend starting with bi weekly:
You will want to intersperse MamaSezz products into your schedule. Each bundle gives you enough food to eat every meal for a week or stretch your meals by combining it with other ingredients for two weeks. Most of our customers like the flexibility of a two week schedule.

What ingredients should I have ready when my bundle arrives?
While you can eat all MamaSezz products as is, we recommend having your favorite fruits and veggies on hand for a side dish.

How can I get the most out of my bundle?
You can maximize your bundle by planning meals and having fun with the versatile products. You can eat the products right out of the bag or use our serving suggestions. Many customers create delightful meals by mixing and matching products. Think of your bundle as the engine of your meals, you can add a little of your own flair or mix two or more of the products together for a completely new dish.

MamaSezz guarantees to offer refunds if your products were damaged during shipping.

Refunds for other reasons are not guaranteed. Give us a call if you are not satisfied with the packaging or delivery of your items and we will do our best to accommodate you!

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