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The best at-home workouts and meditation resources you need to stream during social distancing

Written by Ali Donahue
The best at-home workouts and meditation resources you need to stream during social distancing

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Trying to incorporate healthy habits at home that ease your mind and relax your body during social distancing? We are, too. So we curated a list of our favorite online resources for you to stream at home, from the best at-home workouts to free guided meditation. 

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Best online home workouts

Best online resources to settle and focus your mind

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While MamaSezz is here to help you stock up on your plant-based meals and fill your plant-based pantry, we’re thinking about your overall health and happiness, too. Here are some of the best online resources we’ve found to support your mind and body during this extraordinarily unusual time.

The best online home workouts

Most gym-like

Missing your gym session now that you’re practicing social distancing? Barry’s has got your back. Barry’s was one of the first fitness centers to focus on strength and cardio workouts in a group setting. Now, each day at noon, an instructor leads a free session on Instagram Live. Think high-intensity intervals and bodyweight exercises.

Most dancing

Feeling stressed? Sometimes you just need to dance it out. Dancing isn’t just an enjoyable form of exercise, it’s also great for your brain health and overall mood. 305 Fitness offers cardio dance classes (or cardio dance parties, with big energy and big music). On YouTube, they’ve got hundreds of free videos from 15 to 45 minutes. 

Most old-school

Jack LaLanne is considered the Godfather of Fitness. His TV program, The Jack LaLanne Show (1951-1985), brought simple, effective exercises to people at home. Recommended for nostalgic purposes, as well as truly helpful movements for people with moderate mobility. Free on YouTube.

Most body-positive yoga

Dianne Bondy is a world-renowned yoga teacher. Kind and generous, she is a skilled and clear teacher. Her lessons are specifically designed to be appropriate for every body. Membership at her site, Yoga for Everyone, is $14.99/month after a 30-day free trial.

Most free yoga

If a membership isn’t right for your budget right now, no worries. Yoga with Adriene is one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube and she’s got loads of free yoga playlists. You can search her playlists by video length (she’s got flows as short as 10 minutes if you’re trying to squeeze in some movement during your busy work from home day) or by theme (yoga digestive health, chakra yoga, beginner yoga, etc.). New to yoga altogether? Start with her 30 days of yoga series

Most all-purpose workout app

Nike Training Club has almost every kind of fitness class out there— high-intensity training, yoga, strength training, and mobility, plus mindfulness and sleep training. The free version includes 200+ workouts.

Most family-oriented workouts

MommaStrong and PappaStrong offer daily 15-minute workouts that suit the needs of tired, busy parents. Instructor Courtney Wyckoff often has her new baby and kids and dogs and cats with her onscreen! The site includes many “Fix-Me” tutorials for body trouble spots. There are special sections for pre- and postpartum moms as well. 5-Minute Hacks to get a workout in when even 15 minutes is too much. $5/month. 

The best online resources to settle and focus your mind

Most beginner-friendly meditation

The popular app Headspace has put together a special free collection of meditations called “Weathering the Storm.”  It includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling.

Most meditation variety

The Calm app collection for this upside-down moment is called “Take a Deep Breath.” The free resources include guided meditations, sleep meditations, stories, music, masterclasses, and special meditations for kids. 

Most Elizabeth Gilbert

Over at Insight Timer, author Elizabeth Gilbert shares a free talk about how we can meet our fear with compassion, and why now is the time to remember that humans are creative, resourceful, and resilient. The site also has 30,000 free guided meditations. 

Most children’s music

Music therapist Allison Davies has been sharing simple songs and chants to sing with children (especially while they’re at home). Allison also talks about the neurological importance of music, and what’s happening for our brains when we sing. An autistic woman from Tasmania, she has tremendous experience working with neurodivergent kids.

Most folk music

Shut In and Sing is a group of singer-songwriters offering live,  online, pay-what-you-can concerts. It includes some names well known in Nashville and beyond, from Lori McKenna to Mark Erelli to Grammy-nominated Mary Gauthier. The concerts are a wonderful way to hear new, soulful music and support independent artists.

Stock up on immunity boosting whole food plant-based meals

Another great way to ease your mind during all this? Being prepared with healthy packaged meals. Skip the grocery store and boost your immune system from the comfort of home with the MamaSezz Be Prepared Bundle. 

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Do you have a favorite online resource for fitness or meditation app?

Share it with the MamaSezz community


By Becky Karush


Becky Karush is a writer, copywriter, and family woman. She came up through newspapers and magazines, including Disney FamilyFun and Martha Stewart Whole Living, with road trips to teaching and farming. She’s run BeckyK Creative Marketing since 2012. She hosts and produces READ TO ME, a literary podcast that ends the cult of the critic and surfaces the power and beauty in great writing.

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