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[VIDEO] Dr. Joel Fuhrman's top tips for slowing aging and preventing disease

Written by MamaSezz Team
[VIDEO] Dr. Joel Fuhrman's top tips for slowing aging and preventing disease

As we at MamaSezz well know, changing to a plant-based diet can change your life in ways you never expected. In this series, we talk with some of the world’s most soulful, dedicated (and often funny) individuals. We get to hear their stories of suffering, transformation, and service — and we learn how food is an essential part of their journey.

This week, we talked with Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a board-certified family physician, seven-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. Dr. Fuhrman preaches the importance of a healthy balanced diet for optimal bodily function. We dive into the journey of how he got to where he is today, and why he believes in this lifestyle. In addition, he shares with us the 6 healthiest foods you can eat, plus a top tip for remembering them.  


0:00 Introduction

Dr. Fuhrman is a board certified physician that specializes in nutrition for over 30 years. He finds it very rewarding to work with people on reversing their ailments with nutritional excellence. He finds it disturbing that people don't receive feedback from the medical industry about their very reversible conditions, and receive prescriptions instead. His career has resolved around finding the gold standard of nutritional excellence for those who want to maximize their lifespan and overall healthfulness and happiness. 

2:00 Dr. Fuhrman's Resources to help you get healthy

3:45 What is a Nutritarian diet? 

It represents the gold standard of nutrition. A diet that slows the aging process, and has a high nutrient per calorie ratio. This includes diversity of foods which effects the microbiome. This will maximize the immune system, and slow aging. 

5:35 The best foods to slow aging and reverse disease: G-BOMBS 


5:50 Dr Fuhrman's eating healthy conclusion is:

"Eating for great health actually tastes better than eating a less healthy diet because your tastebuds get stronger and you learn the great recipes. And you're not sacrificing pleasure for great health. Really, most of us nutritarians feel as though we are having the greatest tasting recipes in the world and we have this unprecedented opportunity in this world to live longer and live better"  

6:45 How Dr Fuhrman got interested in nutrition 

Dr. Fuhrman's father got interested in nutrition after a wakeup call from an unhealthy lifestyle. Be brought home nutrition books that fueled Dr. Fuhrman's passion, along with his passion for figure skating which required peak health. 

 8:40 How quickly did Dr. Fuhrman go plant-based/nutritarian?

Slow progression. 

10:20 What advice would Dr. Fuhrman give to someone who's been eating the Standard American Diet their whole life, and is ready to make a change? 

"Don't baby-step your way into healthy eating, jump in with both feet." The best effects come when you do it all the way. 

12:45 The most jarring reality about diet and health 

So many people with early-stage cancers were able to reverse them. Even many with late-stage cancers. 

13:45 "Impossible" recoveries

16:54 Working side by side colleagues that might not understand preventative or lifestyle medicine

18:35 The difference between plant-based, vegan, and nutritarian 

"You could be eating a vegan diet that not all that healthy."

19:30 Find out what Dr. Fuhrman's favorite food is!


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