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MamaSezz Talks Sustainability with the Eat for the Planet Podcast

Written by MamaSezz Team
Nil Zacharias plant based for the planet

Co-Founder of MamaSezz, Meg Donahue sat down with Nil Zacharias, founder of Eat for the Planet and One Green Planet to talk about MamaSezz, the environment, and sustainability. 

One Green Planet is dedicated to helping to protect the environment with plant based eating. Food, health, and sustainability are at the forefront of Nil’s fight to save the planet. 

“We need a radical change in the way we produce, distribute, and consume food if we want to avert an ecological crisis have a thriving human population on earth by the year 2050. This is the chance to eat delicious, low-fat meals that taste great without all the effort of making them yourself!”

Nil curated a bundle with MamaSezz, full of our most sustainably sourced meals. We call it, the Eat for the Planet Bundle and it's quickly become popular with our environmentally conscious customers and foodies alike!

We need a radical change in the way we produce, distribute, and consume food if we want to avert an ecological cris have a thriving human population on earth by the year 2050. This is the chance to eat delicious, low-fat meals that taste great without all the effort of making them yourself! Get started here.

Listen to the Mamasezz Episode of the Eat for the Planet Podcast 

Podcast Episode Highlights

What’s the Inspiration For MamaSezz? 2:20

Meg’s mother, Millie, was dying of congestive heart failure and sent home to spend her final months with family. After some research, Meg and her partner started feeding Millie plant-based micro meals. Slowly, Millie went from hardly being able to stand, to walking, to getting back into swimming and yoga. Today she is 90, plays with her grandchildren, has a community of friends, drives and enjoys her independence, new shot at life, and family. 

Meg and Lisa created MamaSezz to make it easy for others to use food to prevent disease and restore their health but delivering ready-made, plant based meals. 

What IS MamaSezz? 10:20

It was difficult for Meg to cook every meal from scratch for the 3 generations in her household, so she tried to find a company that made fresh, ready-made plant based meals and could not find any options that were whole-food (without oil, refined grains, sugar, preservatives, chemicals). 

She was looking for some kind of meal staples that she could have on hand, to make meal time easier. Lisa and Meg decided to make a product that could be both heat-and-eat, or be transformed or dressed up to the customers liking. One package, endless possibilities. 

MamaSezz gives you confidence that you can always have a healthy meal, stuffed with flavor. All of the good stuff, none of the BS (bad stuff!). 

MamaSezz is for meat eaters and vegans alike. The goal of MamaSezz is just to help you incorporate more fruits and veggies into your life, help you feel better, and support you to reach your goals. 

The  most important thing: Our food is familiar, comforting, filling and delicious. In Nil’s words, “Food needs to taste good” and MamaSezz hit the mark. 

How does it work? How can someone order? (Featuring our green initiative) 19:30

MamaSezz has curated meal bundles that can adapt to the customers specific need. Just getting started? Try the Get Me Started Bundle.

Heart disease? Try the low fat Healthy Heart Bundle.

Looking to shed those last 20 pounds? Try the MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Program

Our eco friendly cooler boxes are returnable! That’s right, MamaSezz recycles your box, ice, liners, and used food bags for you. 

How has MamaSezz been able to tackle challenges of industry? 26:30 

The MamaSezz model is very different. We are a trusted source for amazing products. MamaSezz is not for everybody. Like almond milk replaces milk in your refrigerator, MamaSezz replaces the frozen pizza or TV dinner. 

The secret sauce is in the manufacturing. Instead of a CPG company, MamaSezz is a lifestyle company with multiple products, and sends it directly to the customer. 

What makes MamaSezz an economically viable option for the consumer? 35:00

Our food is packaged in multi-serving, which is more ecologically friendly, and makes it less expensive for us to pack. The average cost is about $5.60 a serving. It’s important for MamaSezz to keep the cost low. We source locally and understand the business, so we can act efficiently. 

Who is the MamaSezz customer? 37:40

Everyone is welcome at the MamaSezz table. People order for health reasons, convenience purposes, and some just plain don’t want to cook. MamaSezz has both single person households and large families order food. The bulk of MamaSezz customers are those who are health conscious and busy. 

What’s next for MamaSezz? How do you grow? 45:00

Now that MamaSezz has hit the nail on the head with the food, they are working on marketing. It’s time to start telling the MamaSezz story, and helping people. 

MamaSezz makes mealtime healthy and easy. There is a demand for that. 

What does Millie think about the work MamaSezz is doing? 56:10

Millie is grateful for her health, and extremely proud as a mom. She understands that if you can have meal times be less stressful then life will be much more enjoyable. Everyone benefits. 

When you succeed, and we’ve changed the future, what is your vision of the world in 2050? 01:01:00 

MamaSezz wants kids to grow up in a world of compassion for their own bodies, for the environment, and for animals. We would love to be a part of that.

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