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5 last minute healthy holiday gifts that are good for the mind, body, and soul

Written by Caroline DiNicola Fawley
5 last minute healthy holiday gifts that are good for the mind, body, and soul

We’ve all been there. It’s the day before Christmas and you realize you forgot to order one of the dozens of gifts you’re responsible for this year. Yikes! At least we can blame supply chain issues and social distancing this year. Still, it feels really nice to give someone a gift on time.

Don’t fear, Mama’s got your back this year! Instead of rushing to the drug store and picking up bags of candy and a bottle of cheap wine, get the ones you love something that’s good for their body and mind. No preparation needed, and you don't even need to leave the house! Just click and it’s theirs! 

All these last-minute gifts are vegan-friendly and good for your mental health and/or physical health. Now you'll never have to wonder again: what do I get for the vegan in the family...? (Bonus: all are great gift options for non-vegans as well!).

5 last-minute healthy holiday gifts that are good for the mind, body, and soul

1. For the healthy eater: MamaSezz Gift Card

MamaSezz offers INSTANT electronic gift cards so the healthy eater in your life can get whole food plant-based meals delivered whenever they want! Whether you want to gift $10 up to $200, this is the perfect last-minute gift for the plant-based eater or plant-curious friend. There is nothing better than the gift of health, time, and good food, are we right? These whole food plant based meals will be sure to line up with their New Year’s resolutions as well. 

After purchase, the gift card will land instantly in your email inbox. Forward the gift card to your recipient, or print their gift card and wrap with bows and glitter! Whew! The holidays are saved and nobody has to know you waited until the last minute. Your secret’s safe with us. 

Get your gift card now! 

2. For the music lover: Spotify Subscription

The gift of song! Anyone with a smartphone, computer, or iPad can enjoy their favorite artists anywhere, without ads. Spotify creates daily mixes based on your preferences, allows you to organize and download music, and even has podcasts! 

It’s a fact, music makes us happier! So give the gift of joy this year for just $9.99 a month, or $99 for 1 year. 

Get Spotify now!

3. For your zen friend: Headspace 

The Headspace app adds a little peace, clarity, and calm to the day. It offers guided meditations, focus exercises, anxiety reducing exercises, breathing techniques, and compassion-increasing exercises. Know someone who struggles to get consistent quality sleep? This app also has soothing sleep music. For those, “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” friends, Headspace offers some programs focusing on starting the day off right, moving more, and getting going. 

This gift of calm is only $70 for the year, or $13 per month. 

4. For the lifelong learner: Masterclass Subscription

Is the recipient of your gift the “loves to learn” type? If so, look no further than Masterclass! Give access to all kinds of classes led by the experts in that specific field. All classes are virtual, so no need to worry about travel or social distancing. Ready to learn about tennis from Serena Williams or how to cook from Gordon Ramsey? 

Masterclass is $15 per month, and sometimes during promotions, $15 for 2 people per month. 

5. For the bookworm:  Kindle books or Audible subscription 

Everyone has their favorite Netflix series, but for book lovers, there is nothing like snuggling up with a good book after the chaos of the holidays are over. Pick out a good-read based on their interests, or grab a gift card for Kindle or audiobooks based on their preference.

You can even get them an audiobook subscription to Audible

Here’s the list of top 2021 books from the New York Times if you’re not sure where to start. 

Audiobooks and Kindle books range in price, so choose one you’re comfortable with. 

Last-minute but still thoughtful!

All in all, you don’t have to feel guilty for giving a last-minute gift! Life is busy and all these electronically-sent gifts are thoughtful and good for your health, plus nobody has to know you bought it day of :)

Happy holidays! 

Don't forget to order yourself a box of MamaSezz Not-A-Cookies as a reward for being so darn thoughtful over the holidays. Hey, Santa deserves a treat too (and these are healthy and delicious)! Sugar free, dairy free, egg free, oil free, and gluten free!


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