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5 Reasons to Join the MamaSezz 2-Week Plant Based Challenge

Written by Ali Donahue
5 Reasons to Join the MamaSezz 2-Week Plant Based Challenge

Cutting to the chase...

The key to successfully sticking to your healthy habits? Getting the support you need! Enter our MamaSezz 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge. We're making it so dang easy to stick to your healthy lifestyle. How? When you join the Challenge, you'll get ready to heat and eat meals delivered, chef-designed menu plans, helpful shopping lists and guides, access to our private online support group, and so much more.

Digging Deeper...

So you've made the decision to go plant-based but time and again it doesn't quite pan out. Between family, work, and social commitments, you simply don’t have the time to research (and meal prep for) your new lifestyle.

Should you just hang your hat, call it a day? Heck no! Instead of feeling bad about it, take a deep breath, and know that a whole food plant-based lifestyle isn’t just possible, it’s a lot easier than you think. You just need some support getting started.

Our MamaSezz 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge kicks off monthly and is designed to help you create lasting change, once and for all. 

Ok, ok. But first, how does the 2-Week Challenge help you successfully make the leap to whole food plant-based living? We’re glad you asked…

5 Reasons to Join the MamaSezz 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge

  • 1. You don’t have to meal prep or cook!

  • MamaSezz 2-Week plant-Based challenge

    A quick Google search reveals there is no shortage of plant-based meal prep plans out there; but when you’re new to eating this way, the whole process can be overwhelming. In fact, we hear from plant-based beginners all the time and they tell us one of the toughest parts about transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet is figuring out how to cook this way. How long do you soak cashews? Where do you find Medjool dates in the grocery store? What on Earth is nutritional yeast?

    During the 2-Week Challenge, you can ease into life in the plant-based kitchen because MamaSezz is going to cook everything for you, for two weeks! You get all your whole food plant-based entrees delivered to your door, already prepared. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner it’s all included. Your plant-based dishes arrive fresh, ready to heat and eat, with a suggested meal plan designed by our chefs. This way, you can focus on transitioning to this lifestyle, not meal prepping. Easy peasy.

  • 2. You don’t have to count calories

  • Speaking of alleviating mealtime stress, you can leave counting calories in the past. It’s not part of the MamaSezz 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge or your new whole food plant-based lifestyle. Why? It’s not a long-term solution.

    During the Challenge, you’ll learn that by focusing on nutrient density you won’t need a math degree to lose extra weight, to sleep better, to have more energy, to live a healthy life.

    Don’t know what nutrient density is? That’s OK! You’re going to learn all about it during your two weeks.

    3. You’ll get answers to all your burning plant-based questions

    The Challenge is more than just (delicious) food. It’s not about dieting; it’s about making a lifestyle change. And our plant-based beginner's course, which is included when you join the 2-Week Challenge, will help you make that change for good.

    Self-paced, the online course offers up tips, tricks, and tools to make navigating your new lifestyle easy, for the two weeks and beyond. We’ll cover all your burning questions from stocking your pantry and ordering at restaurants to dealing with skeptical family and managing cravings.

  • 4. You’ll get a TON of support

  • Got even more questions? Great! Fire away as many questions as you want in our private Facebook group for Challenge participants. Get advice, recipes, tips and tricks (in real-time!) from our Challenge community and our MamaSezz team of plant-based experts. We also check in every morning with an inspirational email to keep you motivated and ready to take on the day.

    5. You’ll be set up for a plant-based lifestyle

    It’s worth repeating so we’ll say it again: this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. And the MamaSezz 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge will help you eat and feel great beyond the two weeks. How?

    First, if you’re not ready to brave the kitchen on your own yet, you don’t have to! We’ve created a Get Me Started Bundle of ready-made MamaSezz meals so you can get meal plans and meal delivery long past the Challenge end date.

    Second, the plant-based Challenge course gives you the tools you need to break old habits and make healthy changes stick. Oh, and you’ll always have access to our private Facebook group when you need a little extra encouragement along the way.

    Join the Challenge today!

    A whole food plant-based lifestyle is yours for the taking. Are you ready? Sign up now! You'll get everything you need to live the life you want:

    • 2 Weeks' of ready-made whole food plant-based meals 
    • Free shipping!
    • Detailed 2-week meal plans with preparation instructions and shopping lists.
    • Online resources for plant-based beginners to help you unhook from processed and unhealthy foods and live your best plant-based life
    • Access to our private Facebook support group.
    • Daily expert tips and tricks guide to make your plant-based lifestyle change stick


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