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Why We're Super Excited About Our Sustainably Sourced Kelp (And We Think You Will Be, Too!)

Written by MamaSezz Team
sustainably sourced kelp

Quick Take

Did you know that MamaSezz is so dedicated to ecological preservation that sometimes we choose our favorite eco friendly ingredients even before we create a recipe for their use?! Case in point: we created the best-selling MamaSezz Tuna "Ish" Salad because we wanted to find a way to use sustainable-sourced kelp!

Before We Begin: Eat Sustainably with MamaSezz

Are you interested in environmental sustainability and delicious plant-based food? Order a MamaSezz Eat for the Planet Bundle today to enjoy some of most sustainably sourced ingredients transformed into tasty and hearty meals. With your bundle you'll get eco-friendly serving suggestions, plus tips and tricks on living our greenest life!  

Why Kelp?

MamaSezz co-Founder, Meg Donahue, discovered a team of sustainable kelp farmers in her home state of Maine, and knew she wants to find a way to partner. Through her research, she learned that kelp farming not only helped local fishermen transition to a more sustainable and eco-friendly job as the fish population decreases, but kelp is really freakin’ good for you! We tracked down Atlantic Sea Farms in Maine and here is what they had to say about their operation:

“Kelp is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, but did you know that over 98% of the edible seaweed in the US is from overseas? Some of this product is grown in compromised water with little or no environmental oversight, and is then dyed with some pretty nasty stuff. That’s not good enough for us, especially when we know we can do it better right here in our clean, cold home waters of Maine with fresh, undried kelp that tastes the way it should — naturally.

Atlantic Sea Farms is making a dramatic, positive impact on the ocean, our coastal economy and the health of our customers as a first-mover and women-run company offering delicious, nutrient dense fermented and frozen kelp products with obsessively sustainable ingredients and a robust social and environmental mission. Atlantic Sea Farms kelp is grown by a first-of-its-kind partner farmer network in the clean, cold waters of Maine and they are the first company bringing fresh, domestically line-grown seaweed to consumers in the U.S. 

Now, more than ever, we need food sources that can positively impact the economic and environmental health of our coastal communities. Atlantic Sea Farms believes that "Good Food Should Do Good" and by introducing delicious, regenerative kelp to you, we are helping them on their mission to improve Maine's coastal economy and ecology. #kelptheearth”

What else can kelp do? 

It's crazy good for you! Here are a few of the many health benefits of kelp:

And you're not just helping your own health when you choose kelp. Kelp also...

  • Solves the overfishing issue
  • Stimulates Maine’s economy as fishing dies out
  • Sells a local product that heals the body
  • Boosts the oceans environmental health
  • Inspires the creation of one of MamaSezz’s most popular products :)

Kelp can help decrease bloating! Which is why we'll be adding small amounts into all our bean dishes, to help make the transition to high-fiber plant-based eating easier (and even more nutritious).

Don't worry — the flavor of our meals won't changed though! That's another awesome thing about kelp; it's got a mild flavor which means you can add it to about a zillion different dishes, undetected!

The Perfect Solution for Vegans Who Miss Tuna

So once we zeroed in on kelp, we tried to figure out just what kind of dish we should focus on to take advantage of seaweed's fresh ocean flavor? Chef Caroline got to work and soon our Tuna "ish" was born!

With tangly lemon and fresh dill, this chewy, protein-packed dish will give you that ol' familiar tuna flavor (without all the mercury,of course!). It's no wonder this product has quickly become one of our most popular dishes, with customers and our MamaSezz team. It's not quite tuna's Tuna "ish!” 

Each time you order a bag of MamaSezz Tuna “ish” Salad, you’re choosing a more sustainable ocean dish. A plant based diet can actually decrease your negative impact on the environment! So when you go with soy milk over dairy milk, or beans over beef, you are helping to fight the good fight to save our planet!


Did you know it takes 14g of plant protein to make just 1g of animal protein? And it turns out, eating this way is better for our health too and can prevent disease! So many wins.

Why We're Zero Food Waste

We want you to feel good about ordering from MamaSezz. We knew when we started out that we wanted to be zero food waste and we've stuck to our guns. Over the years, this has meant donating dozens of pounds of our fresh vegan meals to local food shelters every week. It's also meant finding ways to make meal delivery — an industry that's gotten flack for its waste — an eco-friendly experience. We not only compost and recycle at our plant, but we help you recycle your eco-friendly MamaSezz boxes by sending a return label with each delivery. All the MamaSezz packaging can be returned to us to recycle for you. Just drop your empty food bags and trays, liners, and ice into the box and ship it back. We'll take it from there.

And we're super excited to introduce our latest sustainable produce, the Eat For the Planet Bundle. It comes with our most sustainable products made from the most eco-friendly ingredients on the planet. Anyone can make an impact on the health of the planet and it can start with dinner. Learn more here



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