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How a meat lover lost 50 pounds with a plant-based diet

Written by Ali Donahue
How a meat lover lost 50 pounds with a plant-based diet

An inspiring transformation story for anyone beginning or on a plant-based weight loss journey.

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I never thought I'd be plant-based. 

I was a hot dog, ribs, and pizza guy until my health took a serious turn for the worse.

I never in a million years would have thought I would change to eating a whole food plant-based diet. Never. In fact, the first time I was invited to a vegan buffet by friends of mine (my only vegan friends at the time), I grabbed a couple cheeseburgers at the McDonald's drive thru on the way there and stuffed them in my pocket so I’d have something to eat!

It was actually my wife who started me on this path. We both struggled with our weight for years, trying all kinds of diets, from juicing to heavy vitamin supplements to protein shakes. But I saw her really start to change when she began eating more whole food plant-based meals.

A minor accident changed my life.

I still wasn’t on board the whole food plant-based lifestyle until a medical wake up call left me unable dizzy and unable to walk without assistance.

It began when I had a minor car accident when I was on vacation. Shaken but not seriously hurt, I flew home with my family thinking I was fine. Several days after the accident I woke up dizzy and unable to walk. Nauseous and my world spinning I thought I was having a stroke (high blood pressure runs in my family). I told my family I needed to get to the hospital right away.



I thought being overweight was just a part of aging.

For years I was just watching my clothing size go up and up and at a 2XL I was bursting at the seams. I had no idea how to reverse the downward course of my health and I resigned myself to being overweight and sick for the rest of my life.


I worried I would miss my favorite foods.

I loved to eat. I loved hot dogs and cookouts and it was a big part of my family tradition to eat and make sausage. I thought I would crave my favorite and familiar foods.



Why I'll stay whole food plant-based forever

My body and life changed in ways I never expected…


My advice to anyone considering a whole food plant-based diet

Since changing my diet, I've reaped the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle; to date, I've lost 50 pounds and 3 pant sizes while lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol. If I could tell you one thing it is don’t wait. You don’t have to get sicker or keep suffering. Just change the way you eat.

How to get started on a whole food plant-based diet

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