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11 Plant-Based Transformation Stories to Inspire You

Written by MamaSezz Team
Plant-based transformations weight loss and gain health and energy

Quick Take

The more fruits and veggies you eat, the less likely you are to develop a non-communicable disease. Not only that, the more likely you are to recover from disease, the healthier your body will feel and look, and the longer you will live. All from choosing plants! And while reading the nutrition science behind these claims is always great, sometimes you want to see it in action, ya know? So behold: our favorite 11 plant-based transformation stories to inspire your own journey. 

(Your Mama knew it all along: “Eat your fruits and veggies, now go out and play!”)  

Before We Begin
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On this Page

Have Your Own Plant-Based Transformation?

Millie’s Story (Congestive Heart Failure)

Ron’s Story (Weight Loss and High Blood Pressure)

Carolyn’s Story (MS and Weight Loss)

Larry’s Story (Heart Disease) 

Sarah’s Story (MS)

Ava’s Story (PCOS)

Sue’s Story (High Cholesterol)

Lianna’s Story (Endometriosis)

Naomi’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Chris’s Story (Pre-Gout, Pre-Diabetes)

Anthony’s Story (Obesity)

1. Millie’s Story (Congestive Heart Failure) 

This story is extra special to the MamaSezz family...because Millie IS family! Not only is she the mother of co-founder Meg Donahue, but she's also the inspiration for the entire company. In her 80's, Millie had been given just a few months to live, but in her fragile state her family feared she had much less time. Her congestive heart failure was running what was left of her life, and hope was just about lost. After much research, Meg decided to feed her mother plant-based micro meals. You will not believe how beautiful Millie’s life is today at the age of 90! Watch her heart health transformation story here.

2. Ron’s Story (Overweight and High Blood Pressure) 

Ron is also part of the MamaSezz family because he works at our Keene plant, along with his talented wife, Kelly. Ron was suffering from high blood pressure, and he was overweight to the point that he was wearing a 2XL. He felt horrible, and it wasn’t until his wife went plant-based that he started to see the results firsthand and was inspired to make a change himself. Today, Ron and Kelly are known around the plant for their plant-based pizzas, high energy levels, and kind spirits. Ron’s after pictures are unrecognizable!

3. Carolyn’s Story (Multiple Sclerosis) 

Stay off because this one will have you booking a trip to Machu Picchu! Carolyn was 145 pounds overweight, and in chronic pain from her MS. She had to use a cane to get around at the age of 20 years old and began losing hope. One night, she sat down and booked a trip that would change her life forever. How did she hike Machu Picchu if she was overweight and needed assistance getting around? I’ll let her tell you. 

4. Larry’s Story (Heart Disease and Acid Reflux) 


Larry wanted to get off his butt and become fit so he switched from steak and eggs to chicken and yogurt. He wanted to become a triathlete, but his health issues persisted despite his diet change.

“In 2012, despite all my hard work, I was diagnosed with heart disease. I was told I was at double the risk for a cardiac event, even though I was otherwise living a healthy lifestyle. My doctor recommended statins but said nothing about other options or potential changes to my diet.”

Today, Larry is not only "off his butt," he is now a triathlete! Beyond that, his wife believes that a plant based diet reversed a deadly disease found in 1 in every 8 women. Read their amazing transformation here.

5. Sarah’s Story (Multiple Sclerosis) 

Sarah was taking injectable medications to numb the symptoms of her MS for over nine years, but wanted to do something to slow the progression. Eventually, Sarah found a non-profit in Australia founded by someone whose mother had died from MS. He suggested a plant-based diet, and Sarah thought she’d give it a try. Her friends noticed the difference right away, and today she’s so thankful she found that non-profit because her life changed forever. Sarah’s message to all of you: Knowledge is power.  

6. Ava’s Story (PCOS) 

Ava had been struggling with weight fluctuations and painful acne since her childhood. She was really frustrated with her doctors constant push to medicate her without a diagnosis. Finally, a doctor pinpointed her condition as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. Ava did her own research and decided to give up eating meat, dairy, and eggs to see if it would help manage her symptoms. It turns out that a diet change was just what she needed to clear her skin, and put an end to weight fluctuations. Ava feels and looks fantastic, and her friends and family have noticed the difference! Read more here

7. Sue’s Story (High Cholesterol)  

Sue thought she was in great shape her body and internal organs were struggling to function properly because of dietary choices. Sue ate lean meats and low-fat dairy products, and wasn’t worried about her health in the slightest. In fact, she wouldn't have never known that she had dangerously high, stroke-level blood pressure unless she didn’t go into the doctor for a check-up. Luckily, her sister, Meg is the co-founder here at MamaSezz and put her on a plant-based diet ASAP. You’ll never guess how quickly her blood pressure dropped to normal


8. Lianna’s Story (Endometriosis)  

Lianna suffered from debilitating periods since she was in sixth grade. Over the counter painkillers couldn't rid her of the 7-8 days of constant crippling pain that kept her from school and social activities. The pain persisted even after the birth of her second child. After she made a simple change, she was in tears at how painless and mild her period was. Her life was changed forever.  

9. Naomi’s Story (Breast Cancer)  

Naomi was a self-described hippie who loved farm-to-table foods and organic farming. She felt as though she ate a “healthy” diet, even though her oncologist told her there was no connection between diet and health. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Naomi realized she had to reassess what “healthy food” really was. Today, she is not only recovered, but entirely thriving without a recurrence in sight. Her savior? She points to a plant-based diet.

10. Chris’s Story (Pre-Gout, Pre-Diabetes) 

Chris was 26, pre-diabetic, overweight, and had high uric acid levels which put him at risk for gout. Even though he ate what he thought to be a healthy diet, played three sports regularly and coached a few kids' teams on the side, he knew he had to make a change. After six months of being off the tennis court, and relying on crutches due to his inflamed ankles, Chris gave a plant-based diet a try. After just three days of eating only plant foods, Chris was shocked by what happened to his ankles. Here's what happened over the course of a month!

11. Anthony’s Story (Obesity) 

Anthony grew up obese and lived for his young adult life extremely overweight. After a life insurance company guessed he had about 20 years to live, he was jolted awake. He had a young family and knew it was time to make a change. Anthony switched to eating only plants and lost 160 pounds by eating more (and without exercise). He is now athletic, confident, and thankful for this life-changing diet shift

Ready to Kickstart Your Plant-Based Transformation?

Start your plant-based transformation today by jumping on our 2-Week Detox and Reboot or signing up for the Guaranteed Weight Loss Program. Tired of diet's that don't work? We will let Dr. Tina Marcantel give you her take:

"Hi Meg and Staff,I have just completed week 4 of the Weight loss Bundle and have dropped 10 lbs ! This was one of the easiest and most delicious meal plans that I have ever eaten!My daughter told me the other day that my skin looked so clear and beautiful. Also in just 4 weeks on this Weight loss meal plan my joint and muscle pains have decreased by about 90%!
I am now hiking again with my husband in the mountains of AZ. I am 64yrs old and my energy and mental clarity has increased since on your meal plan.
I am a Naturopathic doctor with a medical practice in AZ and have referred patients to your website.I have been teaching for many years that food is your medicine. Life got too busy and it was difficult for me to find time for food prep and I reached out to MamaSezz to help me and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I truly know how much time and work preparation these meals take. I am so appreciative of your work! I will continue to refer patients your way. I have just signed up for my 2nd Weight loss bundle last week. The meals are so diversified so you don't get bored. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you
In Health, Dr Tina Marcantel"


By The MamaSezz Team


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