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QUIZ Are You a SAD (Standard American Diet) Eater?...Results May Surprise You

Written by Ali Donahue
QUIZ Are You a SAD (Standard American Diet) Eater?...Results May Surprise You
Choose the answer that best matches your experience.
Get your final results at the bottom of page.

1. Think over your last three meals. How much of it could you have found at 7-Eleven?

A. Most of it (minus the fork and knife)
B. A few of the side dishes would be on the canned good shelf  
C. Maybe a bottle of water

PRO TIP: A 2016 study found that more than half of the SAD diet can be purchased at convenience stores. This could be mac’n’cheese, ramen, white bread, an energy bar, canned soup, dessert in a plastic bag, frozen pizza, pierogies, salad dressing…
If it comes off the shelf, in a box or a bag or a bottle, chances are that food is processed, refined, stripped of nutrients, and loaded with sugar and oiL

If you answered A, it’s time to step away from the 7-Eleven automatic doors and experiment with plant-based eating.

If you answered B, you’re definitely reducing your processed food intake. Check out our recipe section for wholefood, plant-based side dish ideas.

If you answered C, great job. Come on over to our recipes, too, for even more ideas.

2. How many times did red meat show up on your plate in the last seven days?

A. Morning bacon, lunch turkey slices, dinner steak — every meal!
B. Most dinners, maybe some lunches
C. A dinner here or there, if that

PRO TIP: The more red meat you eat, the greater the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Put simply, the saturated fat clogs blood vessels in the cardiovascular and neurological systems. Healthier diets generally go fully plant-based, or keep red meat and processed meat to an occasional appearance.

If you answered A, your heart may be asking you for a break.

If you answered B, you have some opportunities to expand your eating beyond, for heart protection and greater nutrition.

If you answered C, consider trying a 2-Week Challenge, and see if you feel any different leaving meat out completely.

3. How many times were dairy and eggs part of your meals last week?

A. It’s not eating if there’s no cheese
B. Eggs are a regular part of my breakfast.
C. Eggs and dairy make me feel “off,” so I don’t eat them much

PRO TIP: Dairy, especially cheese, is high in saturated fat that’s linked with inflammation of the brain, higher risk of stroke, and impaired memory. If cheese is your go-to condiment, you’re making your meals SAD. As for eggs, high consumption has been linked to risk of heart disease.

If you answered A, you have a whole world of eating to discover — one that doesn’t contribute to brain fog! Check out the Get Started Bundle.

If you answered B, try a plant-based ecipe for a few breakfasts and see how you feel.

If you answered C, take a look at these hacks to cook and bake without eggs to take your plant-based diet even farther.

4. How many fruits and vegetables can you remember eating in the last few days?

A. Do Froot Loops count?
B. I always have an apple with my lunch, and usually a veggie side dish for dinner.
C. So many I can’t keep track!

PRO TIP: How many different fruits and vegetables did you eat? We tend to stick with just a few—potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce. Study after study has found that a healthy diet rests on a strong, diverse foundation of whole plants. Bring on the lentils and sweet potatoes!

If you answered A, start simply, maybe with apples, bananas, or crunchy carrots, a little bit every day.

If you answered B, tempt your tastebuds with more well-flavored meals. These tips for making plant-based foods super tasty is a good place to start.

If you answered C, great! Now check out the variety. If it’s the same three fruits and veggies every day, it’s time to switch it up.

5. How many of those fruits and vegetables were processed?

A. Fruit bars, French fries, tomato sauce — yep, all processed

B. I like some raw veggies like green beans, but most are pretty heavily fried or altered from their original state.
C. A lot are fresh, and some are frozen.

PRO TIP: And how many different fruits and vegetables did you eat? We tend to stick with just a few—potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce. Study after study has found that a healthy diet rests on a strong, diverse foundation of whole plants. Bring on the lentils and sweet potatoes!

Even when we do get plants into our meals, we tend to drown them. Are they covered in salad dressing? Fried in oil? Doused with a sugary sauce? Swimming in melted cheese? A non-SAD diet sees fruits and veggies shining on their own.

If you answered A, you’re getting a lot extra stuff in those veggies that you definitely don’t need. Learn how to help your taste buds come to love vegetables without salt and sugar.

If you answered B, experiment with a few raw veggies recipes to see what appeals to you. Try leafy greens, cucumber rolls, and even chickpea cookie dough!

If you answered C, shift your attention to what might be going on your veggies. Oil-based salad dressing? Honey or sugar with fruit? You have a chance right there to reorient your tastebuds to the flavor of solo fruits and veggies.


Mostly A's: MamaSezz, "There's good news and bad news."
The bad news is, you are eating the Standard American Diet- and studies show that you are setting yourself up for heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, weight struggles and a handful of medications to keep you going every day. The good news is, you took this QUIZ, which means you care about your health and you're curious. That is terrific and will go a long way towards helping you make changes in you diet. You can make big improvements to your health by making some small shifts in your diet. Start by eating one plant-based meal a day and cut out processed foods.

Mostly B's: MamaSezz, "You are making lots of good choices...and you are wading into a danger zone"
You are in a danger zone. Why? You are eating a lot of great food but you may underestimate the amount of unhealthy food you are eating and the impact tthat has on your body. You may find yourself saying things like, "Everything in moderation" which is true say for sleep or exericise, but not as true for things that harm you.  If you want more energy and spring in your step, and maybe to lose that final ten pounds, try eating primarily a plant-based diet for a month. You will be amazed by the changes in your body.

Mostly C's: MamaSezz, "BRAVO! You are getting the hang of this plant-based lifestyle."
You are on the right track and there's no turning back. You've seen the positive impact of healthy plant-based vegan meals on your life. You probably also notice that the positive impact your choices are making on the environment and animals. Stay creative with your meals, keep your plate colorful.


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