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[VIDEO] 4 Secrets to Plant-Based Travel (From a Vegan Flight Attendant!)

Written by MamaSezz Team
[VIDEO] 4 Secrets to Plant-Based Travel (From a Vegan Flight Attendant!)

As we at MamaSezz well know, changing to a plant-based diet can change your life in ways you never expected. In this series, we talk with some of the world’s most soulful, dedicated (and often funny) individuals. We get to hear their stories of suffering, transformation, and service — and we learn how food is an essential part of their journey.

This week, we talked with Ally Case, a plant-based Flight Attendant who lives her life in the skies! You thought your family road trips to see the parents was tough on your diet... just think about what Ally goes through on a day to day! Actually, Ally has found it quite simple to stick to her vegan diet, here's how: 



0:09 Introduction 

1:32 Health related transformation 

2:26 Here's how Ally stays plant based on the go

3:45 Ally's favorite plant based foods 


Ally's Favorite MamaSezz Meal:  Lazy Lasagna


Ally's favorite on the go snack: Not-A-Cookies 


 Check out her plant-based adventures on Instagram: AllyCase1


Have Your Own Plant-Based Transformation?!

Tell us all about it! We'd love to know how a plant-based diet changed your life and health. Send us an email at to share your story.


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