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Founders' Story


It all comes down to family.

In 2011, Meg's mother Millie (also known at MamaSezz as Gram) was released to us, ready for hospice care in 2011 at 80-years-old. She had congestive heart failure with 10% heart function (normal is 55%-75%). The doctors told us to keep her comfortable. Our daughter Annie was born during this time so we renovated a cute little cottage on our land to ensure Gram could spend this important time with us and her new granddaughter.

We started researching, looking for stories of people who had survived heart disease. At first, we tried transitioning Gram to a low sodium, organic food diet, with lean meats and fresh organic fruits and vegetables. While her health improved some, she still was weak and had fluid build-up in her lungs.

We kept looking for a solution. And when we read about the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet, and a challenge to try it for four weeks, we figured “let’s do this.” After all, we could try anything for four weeks. So the whole gang jumped in – cold turkey, fully-plant based.

The power of plants.

What an amazing transformation for all of us! Meg’s chronic fatigue and eye health cleared up. Lisa’s blood pressure went from its usual 155/110 to 127/80. And Millie’s numbers improved dramatically – her heart function shooting up to 45%. Today, we’re happy to report she’s swimming regularly, driving everywhere, and is full of energy (which she definitely needs to keep up with our four-year-old).

We needed to understand what was going on, specifically, WHY do plant-based foods have such profound health benefits? So Meg enrolled in the T. Colin Campbell Center’s Plant-Based Nutrition program to get basic foundation in the science. It was during this course where we truly came understand that so many of us don’t have to live with illness and pain. Our eyes were opened to the critical role diet has in both prevention and reversal of common chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

People often call my mother's recovery a  a miracle. But after understanding the science of a whole food, plant-based diet, we believe the miraculous thing may be that so much illness could be avoided if people could only move from foods that hurt to foods that heal.

And here she is today: 


Happy health outcomes aside, changing our diet did not come without its own difficulties. One of the major problems we found with eating this way is that you need to spend a ton of time in the kitchen chopping, not to mention a big chunk of your paycheck buying organic fruits, nuts, and vegetables. We wondered if there was an easier way to eat healthy. Was there a company out there that would prepare plant-based foods for us and deliver to our door? Our search for one came up empty.

A business was born.

Really, we started MamaSezz to solve our own problem. And we hope it helps solve one of yours, too.

We aren’t an exclusive club – no meat shaming here. Everyone’s welcome to the table. Come talk to us, try our food, read the nutrition research we find, check out our recipes. If you want to add more veggies to your life, great. If you want to join us in a 4-week challenge to eat 100% plant-based, terrific! For us, it’s all about just doing what Mama-Sezz – eat your fruits and vegetables, now go outside and play!

All the best,

Meg Donahue & Lisa Lorimer