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Founders' Story

MamaSezz Started Like Most Things Do...With Family.

The idea for MamaSezz came to co-owners Meg Donahue and Lisa Lorimer in 2011 when 80-year-old old Millie Donahue (Meg’s Mom and the Mama behind MamaSezz) was fighting for her life in hospice care. Millie was in the final stages of congestive heart failure and her doctors told her there was nothing more they could do to help. Meg and Lisa built a sweet cottage on their land and moved Millie home to spend her final days surrounded by family -- especially her newborn granddaughter Annie.

Meg and Lisa didn’t give up on Millie and instead started to research, looking for stories of people who had survived heart disease. They transitioned Millie to a low-sodium organic food diet, with lean meats and fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Her health improved a little bit but remained precarious with numerous trips to the emergency room and intensive care. Her family rushed to Vermont to say their final goodbyes.

Inspired By the Power of Plants

Eventually, Meg and Lisa discovered doctors and scientific studies outlining the benefits of whole food plant-based diets. They decided to give it a try and signed up the entire family for a four-week plant-based eating challenge, figuring they could do anything for one month. The whole gang jumped in and embarked on what turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime.

The transformation was remarkable. Meg’s autoimmune issues and eye health cleared up. Lisa’s blood pressure dropped drastically. But most importantly, Millie’s heart function improved dramatically. Today Millie is an active and healthy 88-year-old woman who regularly swims, drives herself everywhere, and is full of energy for her active granddaughter.

Meg and Lisa wanted to understand the why behind this remarkable transformation. So Meg enrolled in the T. Colin Campbell Center’s Plant-Based Nutrition  program to learn about the scientific foundation of the benefits of plant-based eating. They came to understand the critical role food has in both the prevention and reversal of common chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. They realized Millie’s recovery, while astounding, wasn’t a miracle -- many illnesses can be avoided by eating a whole food plant-based diet.

And There Are Challenges

However, their whole food plant-based lifestyle changes didn’t come without difficulties. Meg and Lisa quickly discovered whole food plant-based eating means more time meal planning and food prepping. So they went looking for a company that prepares and delivers delicious, satisfying, ready-to-eat whole food plant-based meals and found nothing.

And So MamaSezz Was Born

Our mission at MamaSezz is to heal people and the planet one delicious meal at a time. We hope you’ll join us! Everyone is welcome at the MamaSezz table, whether you are a long time plant-based eater or a fast food junkie. There is no shaming here.

Come talk to us (we call our team the Heartbeet Gang) and you can email (, Facebook messenger or call us anytime. Try our food, read our blog and the other available nutrition research, and check out our recipes. If you simply want to add more veggies to your life, great. If you want to join one of our challenges and try eating 100% plant-based, terrific! For us, it’s all about just doing what Mama always said -- eat your fruits and vegetables and then go play!”

All the best,

Meg Donahue & Lisa Lorimer