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MamaSezz response to COVID-19 and new ways we can help

We know access to healthy, fresh, immunity-boosting food is essential right now and we are working hard to ensure our customers have what they need during this time. Like all of you, we are assessing the COVID-19 situation in real-time and will continue to update our community on this page about the actions MamaSezz is taking.

Here is what we are doing right now.

On this page

MamaSezz helping the community

How we're serving our customers

How we're caring for our MamaSezz team

How we're handling food safety at our plant

MamaSezz helping the community 

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In these uncertain times, we understand food security is top of mind in our community and across the country.

  • MamaSezz is donating and delivering a meal to local food banks for every bundle sold.

How we're serving our customers

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We have heard from customers who are concerned about having access to fresh veggies and pantry staples to accompany our ready-made plant-based meals. For a few weeks we were able to get mixed greens and bags of spinach from our suppliers to send to anyone who ordered a bundle.

  • Moving forward, we'll work with our suppliers to send pantry staples (bags of brown rice or other grains) with bundle orders when we can. We will keep you posted. If there is anything else we can help you with during this time, please let us know.
  • We're going through this with you and we're continuing to share on our blog practical tips for staying healthy, managing stress, eating well, and staying active during this time.
  • We're ensuring folks have healthy immunity-boosting food on hand and dropping packaged whole food plant-based meals at your doorstep. 

How we're caring for our MamaSezz team

We're a close-knit group at MamaSezz and the safety and well-being of every single team member is of the utmost importance to us. In addition to our extraordinary safety measures at our plant, we're offering:

  • Free MamaSezz ready-made meals to every employee.
  • Free pantry staples to all plant employees, from fresh produce to toilet paper, to support them during this time.
  • We're hosting weekly Zoom meetings with the entire MamaSezz team to provide updates and check in on each other.

How we're handling food safety at our plant

At MamaSezz we have always and always will take extraordinary measures to ensure the safety and quality of our food. In fact, we rarely talk about how over the top obsessive we are about germs because it’s not really all that warm and fuzzy. But these are unusual times and I am proud of our longstanding dedication to food safety protocols.

Before we opened our first facility, we worked with a food health lab to ensure that every part of our production process followed safety protocols, from receiving to preparation to packaging. The testing process was lengthy and expensive, but we understood that the safety of our food was the first priority.

  • Our production areas literally look like surgical suites.
  • Our protocol has always been that nothing comes in or out of our plant without going through a “Clean Room” where everything is scrubbed and sanitized.
  • Our staff wears professionally cleaned white protective uniforms, hair and face masks and gloves, sanitized facility-only footwear.
  • We are all trained and certified in food safety.

The good news is we have always followed these strict protocols which has consistently earned us the highest marks possible by all certifying agency inspectors.  So, in this time of heightened concern, we are proud that this level of attention to detail is in our company DNA. 

Thank you for being part of our community. For real-time updates on how we're handling COVID-19, continue to check this page or join our newsletter

Best wishes,

Meg and the MamaSezz team