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Our Tasty Advantage

We make meal-time easy with whole food plant-based meal staples to help you eat healthy at home. All of our meals are 100% delicious with 0% B.S. (you know, Bad Stuff) – and we deliver it right to your door.
Eating Plant-Based at Home
Just Got Easier
MamaSezz does all the shopping, chopping, and cooking so you get the staples you love: hearty burgers, stews, sauces, and more (all made from scratch).
We Let You
Enjoy Food Your Way
MamaSezz is totally customizable – suited to the seasoned chef and microwave aficionado alike. Mix-and-match our MamaSezz fixin’s any way you like – making a full meal, drizzling our dressings on grilled veggies or just snacking on our walnut taco “meat”!
We are Obsessed with Quality and Transformation
At MamaSezz, our number one priority is to provide great tasting, healthy food to our customers. We are committed to producing whole food plant-based meal stapless and are endorsed by and collaborate with a long list of leading health authorities, including the American Institute of Cancer Research. We obsess over ingredients, and recipes, and packaging, and customer service to ensure that anyone who orders MamaSezz, is provided all the nourishment and support needed to live their best life.