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Our Values

Eat With Integrity

You can make a big difference in your own health and the health of the planet when you choose to eat whole food plant-based foods. Pound-for-pound, gallon-for-gallon, producing animal-sourced foods uses vastly more water and carbon than plant-based foods.

So you can be the change by eating MamaSezz foods while feeling confident that we think about our impact on the environment with every single thing we do. 

We’ll Recycle Your Packaging

You can easily recycle all packaging materials that come with your MamaSezz order at your local recycling center. We also know that sometimes you may not have time to recycle so we’re happy to recycle for you. You can ship you the box and all the packaging materials back to us. We provide extra tape and a FedEx shipping label and all you have to do is call FedEx and get them to pick it up.  

However, we also know that recycling plastic is not the only solution. You’ve probably heard, our oceans are drowning in plastic waste.  MamaSezz is currently working with a company to help us create shipping boxes made from plastic pulled from the ocean including abandoned fishing nets.  This will provide a use for this plastic (so it doesn't become landfill) as well as provide a business incentive to remove harmful plastics from the earth’s oceans.

We’ll keep you posted in our newsletter every step of the way.

Food Sourcing

MamaSezz sources from local and organic farmers so you’ll be eating the healthiest ingredients.