Peg Haust-Arliss, LCSW

Peg Haust


As a licensed psychotherapist for over two decades, I know that psychology is a vital part of wellness, and I know it’s not enough. Some people, even after overcoming stress and anxiety challenges, still struggle to feel healthy. I KNOW food is a factor, but my hands were tied to discuss this with them. That is why I also became a certified holistic health coach!

I love helping people breakout of anxiety and breakthrough to freedom holistically, for every area of life. Partnering with MamaSezz™ is perfect because they offer the fuel our bodies need, that “fuel for freedom,” for truly optimal results and lasting change. 

Organic - whole food, plant-based meals that are seriously delish, healthy and convenient because…  “Life is too short AND too long to feel stressed out and unhealthy”

It's Time to Rise & Shine!


Get Me Started Bundle

Get Me Started Bundle
  • 21 servings.
  • No grocery shopping or chopping veggies.
  • Delicious hearty entrees.
  • Fully prepared and delivered to your door.
  • Organic locally sourced ingredients.

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