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Family Bundle

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Regularly eating dinner together will improve your family’s health, happiness, and your kiddo’s grades. But let’s get real, family life is busy and finding time to plan and cook healthy meals every day isn’t easy. Mama's got your back with this kid-friendly and family-sized bundle.

In your box

  • Meal plan with (optional) kid-friendly suggestions for how to serve your food
  • Easy heat and eat instructions
  • 8 delicious products = 31 servings  

Mama’s Burgers - 4 servings
Gardener’s Pie - 3 servings
Lazy Lasagna - 3 servings
Millie’s Chili - 3 servings 
Veggie Loaf - 4 servings 
Mama’s Mac Sauce - 4 servings
Marinara Sauce - 4 servings
High Protein Breakfast Bars - 6 servings

    *MamaSezz foods are made in a facility that uses nuts and soy.

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