MamaSezz Family Bundle

Feed your family whole food plant-based healthy meals!

$119.91 worth of meals for $99

  • Between work, basketball practice, science projects, and the million other things going on in your household, you don't have time to grocery shop, let alone cook. 

    The MamaSezz Family Bundle has everything you need to keep your family healthy and happy on busy days. It's cheaper than take-out, super duper yummy, easy peasy to prepare, and contains no B.S. (bad stuff). 

    This bundle feeds 4 people (2 adults, 2 children) dinners for 4-5 days, about 17 servings total.

    Note: these dishes (except the granola) are entrees - you may want to round out the meal with side salads, fruit or other veggies.

    We offer free shipping to most states in the northeast and reduced rate shipping to some states in the southeast. Our food is fresh and ready to eat so we use FedEx 2 day shipping and the cost to ship out west is higher from our Keene, New Hampshire plant. But stay tuned! We're opening a second production facility out west soon which will reduce shipping rates big time :) Click here for detailed shipping information.

  • All products made in a facility that makes items with tree nuts and soy

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