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10 Ways to Use MamaSezz Walnut Taco Meat



How to add variety to your plant-based meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

One product, Walnut Taco Meat = TEN different ways to switch up your menu.

Chef Caroline made this handy list of our top ten favorite ideas.

    1. Philly “Cheese Steak”. Sauté diced green peppers and onions, add Walnut Taco Meat filling, load into a whole wheat bun and top with Mama’s Mac Sauce.
    2. Beefy Mac and Cheese. Mix Walnut Taco Meat Filling into your Mac Attack Stack. Top with chili powder or Jalapeños.
    3. Burrito. Re-hydrate your Walnut Taco Meat by microwaving with a few TBS of water. Then load into a burrito shell with guacamole, pico de gallo, fat free re-fried beans (vegan), cilantro and brown rice.
    4. Enchiladas. Roll up Taco Meat into a corn tortillas with spinach and Mama’s Mac sauce. Place in a baking dish and top with whole food plant based enchilada sauce, and another drizzle of Mama’s Mac Sauce. Bake until thoroughly heated. Top with lime juice and fresh cilantro.
    5. Taco Salad. Sprinkle Walnut Taco Meat over a salad loaded with greens, sliced cherry tomatoes, green onion, peppers and onions, salsa, and cashew cream. Top with lime juice.
  1. Layer into a veggie lasagna or casserole.
  2. Mix into Millie’s Chili for a meatier chili.
  3. Tacos. Use Walnut Taco Meat as a base filling for tacos, and fill in with your favorite taco toppings like, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, salsa, sautéed peppers and onions, black beans, and guacamole.
  4. Stuffed peppers. Stuff into a pepper with spiced rice, beans, and cooked veggies. Bake in the oven and top with cashew cream or guacamole.
  5. (bonus) Sprinkle on the top of any salad to add a little more crunch and flavor.

What you should do now

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