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8 ways you can help your community (while social distancing)

Written by Ali Donahue
8 ways you can help your community (while social distancing)

Quick Take

In these uncertain times, our community could use our support more than ever. Here are 8 things you can do to help out while social distancing. 

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What MamaSezz is doing to help our community, customers, and employees right now

8 things you can do to help your community (while social distancing)

Key takeaways

What MamaSezz is doing right now

As we practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, staying connected to our neighbors, friends, family, and community can feel more difficult. But physical distance doesn’t mean we have to stop looking out for each other. We’ve been thinking about this a lot at MamaSezz. Here are a few of the things we’ve been doing to help our community, our customers, and our employees as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Looking for ways you can help? Aside from following these precautions, there are several ways you can be of service to your community while social distancing. Here are 8 things you can do right now.

8 things you can do to help your community right now (while social distancing)

1. Buy groceries for a high-risk neighbor


This is a scary time for all of us but our older friends and family members and those with pre-existing conditions are especially vulnerable right now. If you’re heading to the grocery store, consider checking in with a high-risk neighbor or family member to see if you can pick up some items for them. Or simply drop off a box of plant-based pantry-staples to ensure they’ve got what they need to stay healthy. 

2. Send healthy meals to at-risk loved ones

mamasezz meals


You can also ship food directly to your at-risk neighbor to keep them nourished while taking COVID-19 precautions. Send a MamaSezz gift card electronically and they can get ready-made packaged immunity-boosting meals dropped right at their doorstep. Order their e-gift card here

3. Support local business with gift card purchases

shop local

Small businesses are taking big hits right now as they shut their doors and even let go of staff to comply with social distancing and COVID-19 precautions. The best way to support your favorite businesses, even while they’re temporarily closed, is to purchase gift cards for future use. 

4. Donate to your local food bank

food bank

With lots of people out of work right now, many in your community rely on these services to feed their families. Whether it’s your time as a volunteer (so long as you’re a healthy person in the low risk demographic) or a donation of pantry staples, your local food bank could use your help. Find your local food bank here

Or let MamaSezz make a donation for you. We will be donating and delivering a meal to local food banks for every MamaSezz plant-based meal bundle sold. Order your bundle here.

5. Give blood

give blood

Blood drives across the country have been canceled amid coronavirus precautions. But  if you’re healthy, you are still able to donate blood. The American Red Cross, who supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood, says they’re experiencing severe shortages right now. The Red Cross is taking extra steps to an already careful process to ensure the safety of donors and recipients. See if you qualify to donate blood here

6. Check in on friends and family


Social distancing can take a toll on mental health and those living alone can feel especially isolated. Check in on your older family members or friends who live alone. Set up a Zoom call or FaceTime so you can see each other face to face, even from afar. At MamaSezz we’ve instituted weekly Zoom check ins with the whole team -- from our plant staff to our content creators  -- and it’s been a huge morale booster.

7. Give back to essential workers

essential workers

Essential workers in this country are keeping our communities going right now. Whether it’s sending meals to healthcare workers at your local hospital or (over)tipping your delivery person, your support is more than appreciated. And if you're headed to the grocery store, remember to be extra patient and courteous to grocery store employees. They're putting their health at risk every day to ensure you have the items you need to stay healthy at home.

Pro tip: if you want to send your hospital meals, organized efforts are best right now. Look online to see if companies/organizations in your area are gathering donations for food deliveries at hospitals rather than sending one-off meals. 

8. Support the arts 

local artists

As venues close down across the nation, artists are among the many without a reliable income right now. How can you support your favorite creatives right now? Purchase merch. Make a donation to your favorite venue. Buy artwork online from local artists. Follow your favorite bands on social media and buy tickets to any upcoming virtual shows. Share your favorite artists/bands/organizations on social media. Buy clothes from local artisans. Support local bookstores and authors by purchasing online if they offer it.

Key Takeaways

Social distancing doesn’t have to get in the way of community outreach. In these uncertain times, we need to help each other out more than ever before. Here are 8 simple ways you can help, while staying safe.

  • Buy groceries for a high-risk neighbor
  • Send MamaSezz whole food plant based meal delivery
  • Support local business
  • Donate to your local food bank
  • Give blood
  • Check in on friends and family
  • Give back to essential workers
  • Support the arts 



By Ali Brown

Ali is a mom, wife, and nutrition and lifestyle writer and editor. She has her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. 

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