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A Taste Test of the Best Vegan Meal Kits: Honest Recommendations

Written by Ali Brown

Embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn't mean sacrificing delicious meals or convenience. For example, vegan meal kits have revolutionized plant-based cooking, offering flavorful and nutritious options delivered right to your door. At MamaSezz, we understand the importance of providing exceptional choices to our customers.

In this article, we'll share recommendations of some of the best vegan meal kits to help you make the right choice for your culinary journey.

The best vegan meal iits for you

1. MamaSezz: Wholesome and whole food plant-based


MamaSezz stands out for its commitment to using organic and whole-food ingredients. In addition to whole food plant-based, our meals are fully prepared and are super conveneint for busy people. The variety of dishes, from hearty stews to fresh salads, offers something for every palate. All this to say, MamaSezz's focus on whole food plant-based ingredients ensures the meals are both nutritious and delicious. Even more, we use 100% eco-friendly pacakging that you can return to us to recycle. 


Some users may prefer to cook their meals and find the fully prepared options limiting. Additionally, MamaSezz might not offer as extensive a menu compared to some other rotating meal kit services.

2. Purple Carrot: Elevating vegan cooking with fresh ingredients


Purple Carrot touts a gourmet approach to plant-based cooking. For instance, they use fresh ingredients to create creative and diverse recipes, making it a delightful experience for adventurous eaters. The high-quality produce enhances the flavors and authenticity of the dishes.


Some users mentioned that the recipes can be time-consuming and may require a higher level of cooking skills. Additionally, the subscription plans might be a bit pricey for budget-conscious individuals.

3. Daily Harvest: Quick and nutritious frozen meals


Daily Harvest does well with quick and healthy vegan meals, particularly smoothies, soups, and bowls. Customers love the convenience of pre-portioned frozen ingredients that are ready to blend or heat. Even more, the variety of flavors and the ease of preparation make it an excellent choice for busy individuals.


Some users find the serving sizes a bit small, especially for those with bigger appetites. Additionally, the options for savory healthy vegan meals is limited compared to other meal kits.

4. Green Chef: Organic and sustainable with fresh ingredients


Green Chef stands out for its commitment to organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. With thoughtfully crafted recipes and pre-portionined fresh ingredients, people can save time in the kitchen.  Furthermore, the clear labeling of allergens and dietary information makes it suitable for those with specific dietary restrictions.


Some users find the packaging excessive, leading to more waste. Additionally, though they offer some healthy vegan meals, some the meal options might be limited for those seeking a wider variety of cuisines.

5. Sunbasket: Catering to special diets with fresh ingredients


Sunbasket offers a variety of meal plans, including vegan options, making it suitable for various dietary needs. They use fresh and high-quality produce and include globally-inspired dishes that cater to diverse tastes. The recipes come with clear instructions and are generally easy to follow.


Some users have reported sometimes missing ingredients or minor issues with packaging. The prices may be higher compared to other meal kit services.

6. Sakara: Organic, fresh, and plant-rich


Sakara ocuses on organic, fresh, and nutrient-dense plant-based meals. Their emphasis on superfoods and functional ingredients provides an extra boost of health benefits. Altogether, the attractive and flavorful dishes cater to those seeking a holistic approach to vegan eating.


Some users find the price point to be on the higher side, especially for long-term subscription plans. Additionally, the meal options might be limited for those with specific taste preferences.

7. Veestro: Chef-prepared convenience


Similiar to MamaSezz because it provides fully prepared meals, yet Veestro's options come frozen. They only require heating before eating. This makes it a convenient option for those with busy schedules or limited cooking skills. The frozen menu offers a good mix of comfort food and health-conscious dishes.


Some users prefer cooking their meals and find the fully prepared options less satisfying. Others prefer fresh over frozen and less sodium. The portion sizes might be smaller for those with hearty appetites.

8. Trifecta: Organic and performance-focused


Trifecta focuses on organic meals with a performance-driven approach. Consequently, their stress on high-quality ingredients makes it a popular choice among athletes and fitness fans. The meals are nutritionally balanced and designed to fuel an active lifestyle.


Some users may find the meals a bit bland, and the flavors might not cater to everyone's palate. The pricing might be higher compared to other meal kit services.

Finding the best vegan meal kits for you

In conclusion, the world of vegan meal kits offers a diverse array of options to cater to different tastes and lifestyles.

MamaSezz focuses on wholesome, fresh, and convenient whole food plant-based meals. Whereas Purple Carrot gives vegan cooking a gourmet spin with fresh ingredients.

Daily Harvest is there for quick and nutritious frozen meal options. Green Chef prioritizes organic and sustainable fresh ingredients, while Sunbasket caters to special diets with a focus on fresh and diverse dishes.

Finally, Sakara Life stands out for its organic, fresh, and plant-rich meals, appealing to those seeking a holistic approach to vegan nutrition. Veestro offers chef-prepared convenience, and Trifecta targets athletes and fitness enthusiasts with organic performance-focused meals.

Remember, when selecting a vegan meal kit, consider your dietary preferences, cooking abilities, and budget. Each of these meal kits has its unique strengths, so explore and find the one that perfectly aligns with your vegan journey.

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