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This is What Happens to Your Body When You Go Plant-Based

Quick Synopsis

Moving to a whole food plant-based can change your life and health, period. And we’re not just talking about “feeling better,” or other anecdotal measures of health improvements  -- although you’ll hear about those in spades if you talk to plant-based eaters.

When it comes to a whole food plant-based diet and your body, there’s science at work here and it’s fast-acting. Within a matter of weeks of eating this way, your body undergoes several life-altering (and life-extending) changes.

Like what? To name a few, you can lose unwanted weight, reduce chronic inflammation (and your chances of developing the chronic conditions that come with it), lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, cut your heart failure risk nearly in half (!), stabilize your blood sugar, and even reverse type 2 diabetes. All from adding more plants to your plate.

The Full Story

How we choose to feed our bodies can either fuel or hinder us -- we know this and science shows us again and again that a whole food plant-based diet is optimal for living our healthiest lives. But hey, don’t just take our word for it! Let’s take a deeper look.

What type of changes can you expect to undergo when you go plant-based? Here’s what nutrition science tells us...

1. You reach your healthy weight loss goals

At MamaSezz, moving to a whole food plant-based lifestyle isn’t about getting that beach body so much as it’s about finally living the life you deserve -- one free from illness, aches and pains, fatigue. That said, we do know that the higher your BMI, the larger your risk for developing serious chronic conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, even cancer.  So if losing some extra weight is part of your healthy lifestyle goals, we get it and we’re here to tell you that stocking up on plants is a dang fine idea.

Plant-based foods are packed with nutrients and are naturally lower in calories than animal-based foods, like meat and dairy. This is the perfect combo for your general health and weight loss. Plus, when we switch to a whole food plant-based diet we move away from processed foods, which are laden with refined sugar, extra salt, and saturated fat -- all contributing factors to overeating and unhealthy weight gain.

Pro Tip: avoid oils! They’re a quick way to accidentally add calories and extra fat, with little nutritional value, to your meal. Yep, even olive oil. Not sure what cooking without oil even looks like? We’ve got you covered with our oil-free cooking guide here.

2. You reduce inflammation

Feel stiff and achy, even when you didn't work out? Get bloated after dinner? Chronic inflammation might be a play. The Standard American Diet of processed foods and animal products is brimming with inflammatory triggers like saturated fat and endotoxins, which can wreak havoc on our bodies and health. Chronic inflammation isn’t just linked with aches and pains; it can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, autoimmune diseases, and other serious conditions.

But beating inflammation is possible! Just as unhealthy foods can cause chronic inflammation, choosing the right ones can keep it at bay. A plant-based diet is not only low in both saturated fat and endotoxins, but it's also chock full of anti-inflammatory fiber. Not to mention, fiber is protective against high C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of acute inflammation.

3. You lower your blood cholesterol

More than 102 million American adults have too much cholesterol in their blood. What’s the big whoop? Well, high cholesterol is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease and stroke (the two leading causes of death in the United States.)

But it’s not all doom and gloom, we swear! The power of plants comes to the rescue again; a plant-based diet can decrease your blood cholesterol by up to 35 percent.

How? Whole plant-based foods have very little saturated fat and zero cholesterol.

4. You cut your heart failure risk by almost half

One in four deaths are caused by heart disease, but they don't have to be. Research shows risk of heart disease can be reduced by 42% when folks move from a Standard American Diet to a plant-based one.

Eating a whole food plant-based diet isn't just great for preventative care. Heart disease has been shown to be reversed with plant powered foods. The healthiest foods for your heart? Leafy greens, berries, and beans. So eat up!

Don’t want to meal prep? We don’t blame ya a bit. Check out our heart healthy meal bundle here, delivered to your door ready to heat-and-eat.

5. You regulate your blood sugar

Plant-based eaters have a 34% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but what about those already living with a diagnosis? It turns out, switching to plants can dramatically regulate blood sugar levels, as well...sometimes in as few as 24 hours!

And like heart disease, munching on more plants is associated with reversing type 2 diabetes altogether. One study from James Anderson, MD resulted in 96% of his Type 2 participants going off insulin thanks to plant-based foods!

What the heck is happening here? Plant-based magic!

Ok, well it’s science actually, but it seems magical, doesn’t it? Plant-based foods, even fresh fruits with natural sugars, are low in fat (a main contributor to diabetes, even though carbs get all the blames).  Whole plant foods have also got their fiber intact, which slows digestion and prevents the blood sugar spikes and drops common in those with diabetes.

Key Takeaways

A whole food plant-based diet can improve your health and change your body in a matter of weeks! Weeks, people! When you make the switch to a plant powered life you can expect to:

  • Reach your healthy weight loss goals
  • Kick chronic inflammation to the curb
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Cut your heart failure risk by almost half!
  • Control your blood sugar and even reverse type 2 diabetes

Ready to get started on your healthy life? Join our monthly 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge. You get ready-made meals delivered with meal plans and shopping lists, online support, plus the tools you need to make this lifestyle stick...for good! What are you waiting for?

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