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Treat Dark Under-Eye Circles and Puffy Eyes Naturally

Written by MamaSezz Team
Treat Dark Under-Eye Circles and Puffy Eyes Naturally

Quick Take

Sick of dark circles under your eyes? While they can be hereditary, often times it's an imbalance in your system causing these under-eye bags. The good news? It can be reset with dietary changes. 

On this page:

The cause of your under-eye dark circles

Treatments for dark circles

Embrace your unique features

Key takeaways

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The cause of your under-eye dark circles

It could be allergies

Allergies cause puffy and dark under-eyes because mast cells (which are protective cells) give off histamines to fight the allergies. These immune proteins make your eyes sensitive and will often produce tears to wash out allergens from the air. Dietary allergies can also cause inflammation, so avoiding top inflammatory foods and allergens like casein (found in dairy), gluten, alcohol, MSG, sugar, sulphites, and eggs.  

It could be hereditary

Some people just have larger fat pockets beneath their eyes, and that’s okay! If you find that many of your family members have puffy under-eyes it’s most likely hereditary, but you may also be more sensitive to irritants that can accentuate their appearance.

Avoid the other “causes” of dark circles (like the inflammatory foods mentioned above), but also learn to embrace your unique look…it's all the rage in Vogue.  

It could be the temperature

Ever notice that most things expand with heat? The same goes for your the "bags" under your eyes. This can often be remedied with a cold compress and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. 

It could be stress and fatigue

Dark circles under your eyes and fatigue go hand in hand. If you’re experiencing interrupted and limited sleep you may find that those under-eyes look especially dark. Stress can also cause similar effects. The best "cure?" A good night's sleep and some relaxation.

It could be nutrient deficiencies

If you’re finding that you’ve gotten enough sleep and your under eye circles are still darker than usual, you may want to get tested for a vitamin deficiency. Low B12, Iron, and Vitamin K can all slow blood circulation underneath your eyes, resulting in blood pooling, or poor oxygenation. 

Treatments for dark under-eye circles

Change your diet

Our skin, including the state of our under-eyes, is a great barometer for our overall health. And one great way to boost your health and immune system is by changing your diet.

What to eat:

Have a B12 deficiency? We recommend you take a supplement. Choose methylcobalamin absorption over cyanocobalamin (you can find this word on the back by the nutrition breakdown.

If you are low in iron, load up and beans, grains, and leafy greens! 

Adding more Vitamin K to your diet can help increase blood circulation under your eyes and help them appear brighter. plant-based foods have Vitamin K in spades. We recommend loading up on broccoli, Brussel sprouts, dark leafy greens, soy, and asparagus. 

What to avoid:

Salt and sodium retention can cause under-eye poof. The more salt you eat, the more your body will trigger fluid retention to help flush it out. Cut down on salt by using more spices, and lemon or lime juice in your cooking. Processed foods, meat and cheese are all loaded with salt. 

A whole food plant-based lifestyle has been proven time and time again to help with natural beauty, disease prevention and longevity. 

Tweak your lifestyle

Get more sleep, stay chilled out, and drink more water. Fatigue, stress, and dehydration are top offenders for dark under-eye circles.

Pro hydration tip: If you find you’re having trouble drinking enough water, carry a bottle with you and squirt some lemon in! You may find that the more accessible it is, the more you drink. 

Get topical

Time to load your face up with veggies! (And say no thanks to harsh topical creams.)

  1. Try raw potato slices underneath your eyes, or on your eyelids like cucumber slices. For best results, leave the spud in the refrigerator overnight, that way the temperature will help with inflammation, and the potato will lighten the skin. 
  2. Classic: Put cucumbers over your eyes for a cooling effect and get hydration from the natural Vitamin E!
  3. Place used green tea bags over your eyes (let cool first) for 15 minutes. The caffeine will help with circulation and the antioxidants will tighten skin and repair damage. 

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Embrace Your Unique Features

Under-eye bags and dark circles can give a face character and a mysterious romantic charm. French models and makeup artists often opt to skip the concealer and focus on enhancing rather than covering for this very reason. 

If you're under-eye circles are just a natural aspect of your face, embrace it! And if you're having trouble loving every part of yourself, add this practice to your daily routine: 

Say, “I love my _________. It is beautiful, and it’s what makes me unique” every morning while you’re squeezing toothpaste onto your toothbrush.

You ARE beautiful and you deserve to feel loved. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Balance your diet. Deficiencies or allergies may be the cause of your under-eye bags. 
  2. Sleep, drink water, and don’t stress! 
  3. Place tea bags, raw potato, or cucumbers on those peepers to brighten your eyes!
  4. If your under-eye bags or dark circles are hereditary, learn to love them! You're brilliant!
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By The MamaSezz Team

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