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Our Team

Meg Donahue

Lisa Lorimer

Lisa Lorimer

Location: Brattleboro and Keene

What I do at MamaSezz:
I am the co-founder and CEO of MamaSezz. Right now I am functioning a lot in the operations role as well as fundraising, outreach, and a little bit of everything else since we are a startup and we pitch in as needed. In the course of a day you may find me peeling potatoes, talking to investors, overseeing the installation of a new piece of equipment, chatting with our team, meeting with customers, recruiting new team members, writing an article, and hosting our bi-weekly plant based potluck.

Why MamaSezz:
We started MamaSezz because we wanted a company to supply us with delicious, fresh plant-based meals that were ready to heat and eat at the end of the day….but we couldn’t find anyone doing that. So, basically, we founded the company so we could become a customer! Our family started eating this way when Millie, Meg’s mother, was released to us in hospice care with 10% heart function. We did the research and found that Dr. Esselstyn recommended a whole food plant-based diet to reverse heart we started to feed her this diet. Along the way, everyone in the house started to eat this way, too -- it was easier than making multiple meals! Over the course of a few months I lost 30 lbs. and my high blood pressure dropped to normal. I’ve also benefiting from a lot more energy and flexibility.

Interests: I love to read, watch and play tennis, play with my daughter, go sailing on blue-green ocean water, and laugh as much as I possibly can. Little known fact: I live in a household with four generations, ranging in age from 5 to 87.

Ali Brown

Ali Brown

Location: Scarborough, ME

What I do at MamaSezz:
I’m the MamaSezz Marketing and Community Manager. If you’ve called the 800 number, emailed MamaSezz, or messaged us on Facebook, chances are you’ve talked with me! I help MamaSezz customers find the right meals for their needs, answer any and all questions about MamaSezz meal delivery and whole food plant-based eating. You can also find me moderating our private Facebook group for plant-based supporters, coming up with quick and easy plant-based recipes, and working with our marketing team on all things MamaSezz content, from blogs to emails to social media.

Why MamaSezz:
I’ve been plant-based for 18 months now and have never felt better. It must run in the family (my grandmother is Millie AKA “Gram,” -- the inspiration behind MamaSezz).

Interests: I love to walk the beach with my husband and our sweet pup, Sally. I love to cook (plant-based meals, of course), and I’ll read anything.

Little Known Fact: I was (reluctantly) in a family band as a kid.

David Isaacsen

Location: Brattleboro, VT

What I do at MamaSezz:
Brattleboro Events and Keene Plant Manager

Why MamaSezz:
Co-founder Meg Donahue told me about it. I agreed to do a 4-Week Plant-Based Challenge and since then, I’ve been 100% plant-based and will be for life.

Interests: Biking, running, spending time with my family

Little known fact: Until I was 21, I never lived in the same place for a year

Caroline Dinicola-Fawley

Location: Keene, NH

What I do at MamaSezz:
Chef, Recipe Designer, Nutrition Educator, Cooking with Caroline posts

Why MamaSezz?
My senior thesis at Wheaton College focused on how the shifting dietary patterns in Samoa in conjunction with Samoa’s culture have contributed to the health crisis in the Pacific. I interviewed Dr. Walter Vermeulen, a physician on the island who follows and promotes a WFPB diet as a way to reverse many non-communicable diseases.

When I got back to the States, I learned about the depth of animal intelligence and emotion, followed by a graphic study of factory farming. I decided to give WFPB a try, along with encouragement from WFPB Tennis Coach, Pauri Pandian. My mile times decreased, my energy increased, and I’ve never felt better.

Since transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle I’ve has diversified my cooking immensely, and my seasonal and household allergies have all but disappeared. Recently I received my Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell, and hope to help MamaSezz customers improve their health and ultimately ditch their diet-related diseases that are all too common these days.

Interests: Traveling, cooking, tennis, art, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Little known fact: Before switching to a WFPB diet I was an avid meat eater. I’m talking BWW challenge survivor, cooked everything in bacon fat, “I’ll have the ribs with a side of lamb chops” kind of meat eater.

Jeremy Rossiter

Location: Keene, NH

What I do at MamaSezz:
Food prep, sanitation, and shipment assistant. The food prep part of my job involves cleaning and peeling organic vegetables as well as chopping vegetables for the cooks to use in the MamaSezz recipes. The sanitation part of the job is cleaning and sanitizing the tables and floors ensuring a clean and safe work environment. The final part of my job is preparing boxes to be filled with orders and loading the delivery truck with finished orders.

Why MamaSezz?:
I have worked in the food industry for over ten years and mostly for big corporate chains. What drew me into MamaSezz was the focus on a team environment and valuing each employee. I have never worked for an employer who has cared more about their staff than MamaSezz.

Interests: I love playing basketball and staying active and competitive. Another hobby I have is listening to music and exploring new genres and sounds. The final interest I have is eating and learning about new plant based alternatives to the meat and processed food I was eating.

Little known fact: I hit a game winning home run in little league.

John Jones

Location: Keene, NH

What I do at MamaSezz:
Driver delivering food boxes to ensure freshest product for our customers!

Why MamaSezz?
A combination of a lifestyle change and a job opening that became available.

Interests: Seeing new sights on our motorcycle, playing my trumpet, hanging out with my partner Rhonda on our boat.

Fun fact: In 1979, I played trumpet at the Bette Davis Film Festival Awards at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Theresa Spear

Location: Keene, NH

What I do at MamaSezz:
Part-time office admin and special projects. I keep the office organized - from incoming mail to office equipment to updating laptops and installing new software. Additionally, I take on whatever special project needs attention to help things run more smoothly.

Why MamaSezz?
Serendipity led me to MamaSezz. The owner of another small business that I work with, met Meg and listened to her talk about their amazing new company, MamaSezz, and how fast it was growing. He knew my skills were just what they needed as I’d helped him with office efficiency and organization. He also knew I followed a plant-based diet. He put us in touch and I immediately saw it was a rare opportunity to use my skills for something that I deeply believe in. A match made in heaven!


 Fun fact: I've hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Tami Dalto

Location: Bradenton, FL

What I do at MamaSezz: Design work, Special Projects

What led me to MamaSezz: A mutual interest in food, friendship and knowledge of creative resources

Interests: Tennis, acrylic painting, and dogs

Fun Fact: The Island where I grew up, Grosse Ile, just made Jeopardy history. Category The Midwest. Question: Grosse Ile, Part of Wayne County, is in this River that shares its name with a Midwest Metropolis. Answer: Detroit. Final answer in game show that no one got right.

Peg Black

Location: Sarasota, FL

What I do at MamaSezz (and beyond):
Owner of Sign Me Up,LlLC/produce any signage that MamaSezz may need from vehicle wraps to T-Shirts.

Why MamaSezz:
I believe in this way of life. I was led to MamaSezz at first by Meg and Lisa. They are the people that inspire me.

Interests: I love to play with my dogs and enjoy motorcycle riding, the water, being part of community, and giving back.

Little know fact: I grew up in New England traveling with a carnival.

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