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We do so much more than cook for you at MamaSezz. We’re your support group and cheering squad. We’ll connect you to real humans on our team and a supportive creative community. The best way to contact us is to email:
Your bundle is packed in an eco-friendly cooler box and filled with 8-10 MamaSezz Staples (about 20-30 servings of delicious ready-made food!). All bundles come with easy serving suggestions, and If you choose a bundle program, you will also receive an optional meal plan accompanied by a small supplemental grocery shopping list for fresh produce. 2. What is a Meal Staple? MamaSezz Meal Staples are the foundation of your healthy plate. They're super versatile, ready-made (no cooking, just heat and eat!), which means you can enjoy any MamaSezz Meal Staple as is or you can jazz them up with suggested spices, veggies, and fresh herbs to make them your own. Our Meal Staples range from smoothie bases and desserts to oil-free sauces and dinner entrees.