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QUIZ: Are you eating too much vegan junk food? (You might be surprised by the results)

Written by Ali Donahue
QUIZ: Are you eating too much vegan junk food? (You might be surprised by the results)

Quick Take

Plant-based diets are trending, no doubt about it. But they're not always healthy. We live in a world where packaged, processed food is almost always the easiest thing to eat — even if you’re eating a vegan diet. Take this quiz to see how much junk food is sneaking into your plant-based meals AND get our easy tips for a healthier plant-based you.

A gift for you: FREE Ultimate Little Guide to Plant-Based Eating

OK, time to take this quiz...

Q1. Let’s talk about breakfast. What does your breakfast plate look like?

a) Vegetarian breakfast sausage from the freezer aisle, with a slice of vegan cheese and a vegan toaster waffle.

b) Oatmeal (with a dollop of beets) and coffee

c) Dairy-free yogurt with blueberries

d) Ummmmmmm. What breakfast plate? 

Q2. Okay, it’s 10:30 and you break for snacks. You go for…

a) Some strips of vegan beef jerky

b) Dates filled with peanut butter

c) A handful of small vegan cookies

d) A small bag of veggie chips (just 100 calories)

Q3. Lunchtime! What did you pack today?

a) A sandwich with sliced “meat” (aka tofu!) and vegan mayonnaise

b) A loaded green salad topped with quinoa and beans, plus a baked sweet potato

c) Frozen chicken nuggets to heat up in the microwave

d) Ummmmmm. What lunch?

Q4. Mid-afternoon pick-up! What’s your chosen snack?

a) A few packages of fruit leather

b) Crunchy oil-free vegan granola

c) Sleeve of crackers with vegan cheese

d) Bag of corn chips, please (They are vegan, I checked.)

Q5. You made it through the day. Let’s get you dinner!

a) A veggie burger from the local pub (plus fries, of course)

b) Broccoli soup with a side of steamed green beans, dusted with garlic powder, and a side salad loaded with whole food toppings

c) Pasta with garlic and oil

d) Ummmmmmmm. Popcorn?

Are you eating too much vegan junk food?

If you answered mostly A…

You’re headed in the right direction to get the benefits of a vegan diet. You’re choosing foods that steer clear of meat and dairy, and you’re nourishing yourself at every meal.

Here’s the rub: Even when a package says “vegan,” it’s still processed. It’s still likely got a lot of oil, salt, sugar, and preservatives, and often saturated fats. And artificial colors. And artificial flavors. None of that supports your body to function at its best and prevent disease.

What should you do now? First, become a ninja-reader of food labels. How much sugar is in each serving? Are there lots of binders or other additives in the ingredient list? How much oil are you getting? (Here’s why oil is not part of the MamaSezz table.)  

Second, we’re here for you. Oftentimes, we turn to processed foods because we’re strapped for time and cooking just really isn’t an option. MamaSezz meals are super convenient AND oil-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, artificial-anything-free, refined sugar-free, and low salt (with no-salt options!). Check out our Get Me Started Bundle and Guaranteed Weight Loss Bundle to get the best vegan food on your plate now.

If you answered mostly B…

You’re doing great! Your diet sounds whole food plant-based AND you’re steering clear of the hidden troubles of packaged foods (salt, sugar, oil, preservatives, and more!).

What should you do now? Keep on keeping on! MamaSezz is here to help, too. Our delicious ready-made meals can save you time and mental energy, because everything we make is oil-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, artificial-anything-free, refined sugar-free, and low salt (with no-salt options!). Our Chef’s Choice Bundle could be perfect to complement the plant-based awesomeness you’ve got going on.

If you answered mostly C…

Your meals are simple and easy, and largely plant-based. That’s super! But you’re falling into the “mono food” trap that sometimes happens with a vegan diet. You’re eating just a few kinds of foods, and eating them over and over, mostly processed protein replacements and oil-based dairy-free products. This is the habit that makes folks ask, “Is a vegan diet healthy?” Because nutrient-poor diets generally aren’t so great.

What should you do now? The power of plant-based happens when you eat a wide range of amazing plants. Lots of different veggies, lots of different fruits — that’s how you eat vegan and get really, really healthy.  And don’t worry if you don’t have time or desire to cook that much! That’s why we’re here for you. MamaSezz meals are fresh, ready-made, heat-and-eat, completely vegan, and free of the hidden pitfalls in vegan junk food. Become a powered up vegan with our Get Me Started Bundle.

If you answered mostly D…

It’s possible that you might not be eating enough in general! This is another pitfall of making diet changes, actually. We start to eat less because it’s just a lot of work to figure out what to eat. But our bodies need energy, and we get energy from food, so it’s best to get the support that will help you eat the food you need.

What should you do now? Making a weekly plant-based meal plan can set you up for regular meals without a lot of daily thinking. Start simple. Oatmeal for breakfast, a green salad lunch, soup for dinner, and apples for vegan snacks — that could be just right for your needs.

And MamaSezz is here to help. Our Get Me Started Bundle gives you all the benefits of a plant-based diet without all the work. No cooking required; just heat and eat. And a meal plan is included!

It takes awareness, creativity, and persistence to step back from the avalanche of processed food. But you can do it. And remember we are here to help! 

Key takeaways

  • Processed food is almost always the easiest thing to eat.

  • Vegan junk food can show up in unexpected places.

  • A vegan diet is most powerful when it is made of plant-based whole food.

  • MamaSezz is here to help when you aren’t sure what to eat or don’t have time to cook.

Don't forget your FREE download: The Ultimate (little) Guide to Plant-Based Eating

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