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How to stop dieting forever with a vegan weight loss meal plan

Written by Bailey Watson
Mamasezz guaranteed weight loss program vegan meal plan

Why most people fail to lose weight for good and how a vegan weight loss plan can unhook you from the weight loss merry-go-round.

In the United States alone over 180 million people are on a diet. And according to the American Journal of Public Health 90% of those people do not succeed in reaching their goal weight even though they try year after year.

If this sounds depressing, it is at first…But it also points to a fascinating solution for you.

What if the reason you can not stay on a diet is not YOU? Nor a lack of willpower or motivation?

Why most diets fail MamaSezz plant based weight loss plan

Discover the real reason you are not losing weight that will change how you think about yourself and dieting forever.

If your children went to a school that had a 90% flunk out rate you would be outraged. And worse, what if each student who flunked out, went back year after year and tried to progress to graduation, only to flunk out time and time again.

Would you conclude that students have the problem or the school? The school of course! Given a choice no parent would choose to send their kids to this school. The students are motivated and willing, and yet year over year they fail?

But somehow we don't make the connection to the diet industry even though 180 million dieters every year fail to reach their goals and year after year they keep trying in hopes of finally "graduating" to their goal weight.

Do you see? You do not fail on a diet, the diet fails you.

Mamasezz bag of chips

Betcha can’t eat just one

You know the old potato chip slogan "Betcha can eat just one?" There's a revealing truth in this slogan that holds the secret to unhooking from years of dieting.

What’s going on here? The real problem is the standard American diet is high in (often hidden) fats, sugars and oil. Our taste buds respond to amped up fat, sugar and oil content in foods by craving for more of it. The idea to increase the amount of fat, sugar and oil in foods is the holy trinity of food marketing- and the more a producer can hide these ingredients the better.

Cookies and meth have in common mamasezz foods  delivered.

The result? The food we think is healthy or at least not unhealthy is making us fat and hooked. Why? Because you crave what you eat, and these sugars, fats and oils, are HIGHLY cravable. 

You know the potato chip commercial, “You can't eat just one?" Potato chip companies know it is much harder to stop eating while you are eating processed foods high in sugar, salt and fat. And it is everywhere - condiments, low fat products, boxed foods, powdered food, most prepared food (including many vegan options!).

MamaSezz brain retrain for weight loss


How do you unhook? Retrain your taste buds and retrain your brain. 

It takes about three weeks to a month for your taste buds to change . And thanks to the ability of your brain to change it takes about 90 days to retrain your brain. This cerebral shift is called  neuroplasticity – or the brain’s ability to change and restructure itself. Every time the brain processes new information, neurons fire, new pathways form, and the malleable brain alters its shape and structure. Amazing! 



Neurons that fire together wire together  simplified means the more you do something the easier it is for you to do it because your neurons are traveling a well worn path.

When you diet, you are asking your brain to create a new thinking pattern, a new neural pathway.

Which is fine, your brain is malleable, no problem. Except when you ask your brain to create a new pathway while you are consuming foods high in sugar, fat and salt that trigger a well worn neural pathway of craving more unhealthy foods.

It’s the equivalent of an alcoholic wanting to be sober while they continue to drink alcohol.Ingesting alcohol triggers the craving for more. To stop the physical craving you have to put  down the alcohol and retrain your brain to live without it.

This takes time and some willpower but not long term. Once the substance is out of your system, the physical cravings stop and you are left with the mental and emotional cravings which are much easier to navigate without the physical cravings.

How do you get free from constant dieting and finally lose the weight for good?

The fewer decisions you have to make the easier it is to follow through with a behavior change.

    • If you want to change your eating patterns it helps to put  your meals on automatic pilot until you gain traction. Remember, you are creating new neural pathways + takes a time.
    • Eat healthy whole food and unhook from the Standard American diet.

    This means plan out your meals and snacks or have your meals and snacks planned out for you.  And switch to whole food plant based nutrition for 2-3 months. Your taste buds will change, you will lose weight and your cravings for sugary snacks will diminish making it much easier to stay on track.

    Ready to jump start your weight loss with a proven guaranteed whole food plant-based plan?

    Check out the MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Plan 2


    Baily Watson is a MamaSezz researcher and writer living in New England.

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