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10 High-Fiber Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes to Add to your Morning Routine

Written by Ali Donahue
10 High-Fiber Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes to Add to your Morning Routine

Turns out, there's a lot of truth to the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Once we wake up, our body is ready to remove all the accumulated metabolic waste and toxins after spending the night resting, processing, and digesting. When we finally eat breakfast, we are “breaking our fast," and our body is especially sensitive to the first meal we eat. We can help our body by enjoying a plant-based breakfast full of heart and gut–healthy fiber and phytonutrients to clean, nourish, and energize each of our cells — and provide us with the fuel and stamina we need to face the to-do's ahead.

Ready to get inspired? We're coming at your with this colorful list of energy- and health-boosting plant-based breakfast recipes to get psyched about your mornings. Each dish featured below is high in fiber, oil-free, and made without refined sugars. Best of all? All these plant-based breakfast recipes are simple to make and easily modifiable to please your unique taste buds, so you can take care of your body without skimping on flavor! 

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10 High-Fiber Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes

1. Loaded Chickpea Omelet


Image and recipe by Sweet Simple Vegan

This one's for all the former egg lovers out there — you can still enjoy an omelet at brunch, no animal products necessary. How? This nutrition-packed chickpea omelet recipe. So easy to make and full of fiber from chickpea flour and the plethora of veggies, it is also versatile and adaptable to your preferences for different herbs, spices, and veggies. Host brunch and wow even your non-vegan friends! 

2. Veggie Shakshuka


Image and recipe by Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures

Hands down, one of my favorite plant-based breakfast meals is shakshuka, a classic Turkish breakfast dish I first experienced on a trip to Turkey. This genius vegan shakshuka recipe wonderfully captures the beauty of this fragrant and rich dish, with the zucchini noodles adding a fresh and fiber-rich boost of flavor.

3. Sweet Potato Toast

sweet potato toast

Image and recipe from MamaSezz

Looking for a gluten-free alternative to toast? The sweet potato has never been so brilliantly used as in this scrumptious and easy-to-prepare "toast" recipe! If you are craving avocado toast, can’t wait to use your delicious homemade hummus, or want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a banana-berry topping, this sweet potato toast is the perfect plant-based breakfast to kickstart your day.

4. Overnight Mango Coconut Oats

mango oatmeal

Image and recipe by Recipes from a Pantry

Needing to bring some sunshine into your morning? These fiber-rich overnight oats will satisfy that longing for the tropics in just a few bites. Coconut milk, mango, and banana perfectly complement each other with a touch of strawberry flavor. Overnight oats are easier to digest than regular oatmeal and maintain all their raw nutritional properties

5. Enlighten Smoothie Bowl

smoothie bowl

Image and recipe by Simple Veganista

Give your whole body a reboot, with the fruit-powered energy from delicious, filling, and versatile smoothie bowls! This very berry smoothie bowl is perfect as a “base” recipe you can modify according to your mood each morning. 

6. Red Lentil Pizza

lentil pizza

Image and recipe by This Healthy Kitchen

Yep, pizza for breakfast! Give yourself permission to "indulge" with this whole food plant-based and gluten-free crust recipe  — a simple thin crust made with red lentils for a fiber boost. This incredibly versatile crust can be paired with unlimited toppings from traditional pizza favorites to guacamole, seed/nut butter, or even sweet toppings such as chocolate sauce or refined sugar-free jam.

7. Healthiest Ever Granola

healthiest ever granola

Image and recipe by Pick up Limes

A plant-based breakfast must-have, granola is a crunchy and extremely satisfying way to start your morning! This healthy vegan take on granola is sweetened with dates and raisins and infused with my favorite combination of tahini and coconut flakes. You can make a big batch of this granola and keep it stored in an air-tight jar for about two weeks or you can share and gift to others this holiday season!

( time to make healthy granola? Get MamaSezz Gram's Granola delivered to your door!)

8. Chocolate Chia Pudding

chocolate chia pudding

Image and recipe by Aline Made

Aline Made’s version of chia seed pudding is so creamy and chocolatey you may have a hard time believe just how good for you it really is. The cacao powder brings in a boost of antioxidants, while just one ounce of chia seeds provides a 42 percent of your daily value of fiber, making this chocolate chia pudding one of the healthiest plant-based breakfast recipes you can "indulge" in.

9. Chewy Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

healthy pancakes

Image and recipe from MamaSezz

Now you can enjoy pancakes whenever you get the craving with this incredibly nutritious, yummy, and simple gluten-free pancake recipeThese healthy vegan pancakes have the sweetness and texture you know and love, and your family will never get bored — they're incredible versatile! Try mixing and matching with different combinations of spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, turmeric, cacao, etc.) and toppings (any fruit, homemade nutella, date syrup, tahini, and much more!). 

10. The Best Green Smoothie


Image and recipe by I Love Vegan

If you're for something a bit less sweet and full of the nervous system-healing chlorophyll, this smoothie is it! Creamy and filling, this vegan green smoothie will keep you fueled and happy well past your lunch time. Try adding some of your other favorite greens and different herbs and spices for a limitless variety of flavor.



By Sebila Kratovac

Sebila is very passionate about plant-based food and how it can help us heal from the inside out. You can often find her creating new vegan dishes and infusing them with healing herbs and spices or just enjoying being in nature. She is also an ardent artist, dancer, performer, writer, and wellness practitioner.

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