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Saturday Good Cheer 11/19/22

Written by MamaSezz Team
Saturday Good Cheer 11/19/22

Your Saturday cheer!

Hello! We're back with a little more positivity from around the internet. Well, it's almost that time of year again...😂

Which reminds us, shout-out to the moms who send holiday cards despite this guarantee...📮

And as we go into Thanksgiving week, here's to strengthening the ties that bond across the generations: 👏

Now that we're moving and grooving, raise your hand if you can relate.✋

Speaking of music...why?!?!?!

Brain song


 While we're on the subject of neuroscience:🤯


MamaSezz Sat Good Cheer

 Before we head out here, may you all have one of these at your Thanksgiving table this week.👯



Wishing you a restful week filled with good company, comforting foods, and loads of gratitude.

Happy Saturday!

Meg and the MamaSezz Team