Our Happy, Healthy Customers

"MamaSezz helped me so much during this change in my diet...

I do not have a lot of time to cook anything. I have about a 45 minute window to prepare and eat my dinner each night. The prepared meals were amazing. In addition, the shelf life of all the products is fantastic, so I didn't have to take the time to freeze and thaw my meals. I loved the suggestions MamaSezz included in the 4-Week Challenge bundle as well. It helped me get creative throughout the Challenge. And I love how MamaSezz focuses on making it easy for us! The meals are easy and delicious and recycling the products is simple (thank you so much for highlighting the importance of this!!)."

- Kate P.


"My children and I LOVE MamaSezz...

We completed their 4-Week Challenge a little bit ago, but are still trying to maintain the plant-based lifestyle. I am happy to say I am down a total 17 pounds since starting the Challenge. Never having to watch what I eat, this has been so easy for me to follow. A big positive was not having to cook something else for my kids. Not having to cook different meals [as I try to eat healthier]. And I was super impressed with the taste of both the recipes MamaSezz provided in the Challenge and their prepared meals!"

- Amanda N.


"MamaSezz made it way easier to eat healthy...

Overall benefits for me have been both physical and mental. Losing belly fat and not feeling bloated were additional unpredicted bonuses"

- Gabe D.


"The 4-Week Plant-Based Challenge has truly been a blessing...

With the help and support of the MamaSezz team we have discovered organic and plant-based selections in our grocery stores. We are satisfied and learning. That is AMAZING! Previously, I could not get Steve away from the deli counter (Boar's Head addict). And I am a true Bacon lover!

And Steve has dropped 16 pounds! I found by eliminating dairy, a persistent back pain around L3/L4 is not there anymore. This has changed us."

- Pam and Steve B.


"I truly believe this plant based diet has helped with my Rheumatoid arthritis...

I have more energy, and I am able to be very active. The 'bloating' has disappeared. I went into the 4-Week Challenge because of a suggestion from my doctor. Thank you MamaSezz for giving me this opportunity to become healthier."

- Sally G.

"I am love love loving the 4-Week Challenge...

I started Week 1 thinking I'd mix up the MamaSezz dishes with some recipes but, I gotta say, the convenience and yumminess of MamaSezz food has made actual cooking fall by the wayside. After being ravenous every day for 6-week cleanse, it's so refreshing to eat good food, feel full (!!!), and not gain any weight. I'm not stress-eating anymore and my sugar cravings have all but disappeared. Hooray for MamaSezz!"

- Heather A. 


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