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Dr. Weiss' 2-Week Transformational Challenge

MamaSezz has partnered with Dr. Weiss to make healthy eating easy!

Sign up now for Dr. Weiss’ 2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge and get delicious ready to eat meals, a two-week menu plan and the doctor’s foundational plant-based lifestyle course.

Included in this bundle...

Stuffed Acorn Squash
Baked Apples
Millie’s Chili (SOS-Free Version)
Ricotta Style Mushroom and Tomato Bake 
Moroccan Stew
Mushroom Chickpea Stew
Vegan Sour Cream

Dr Weiss’ 2 Week Transformational Challenge combines freshly prepared, ready-to-eat meals infused with the power to heal, and the good doctor’s foundational lifestyle course. The course highlights important reasons for a lifestyle change, examines the pros and cons of various methods of adopting new lifestyle behaviors and offers a menu plan with three different levels of engagement. No matter where you are starting from, the Challenge helps you reach the next level of healthy living. 

More Information

Dr. Weiss is a board-certified physician and experienced farmer nationally recognized for successfully treating chronic illness, and preventing the diseases of aging with a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet.

Dr. Weiss heads an organization called Ethos Health which offers a new paradigm in healthcare—a farm-based healthcare system that connects human health to the natural world. Ethos is part of a powerful movement that continues to shift the American model of healthcare from a reactive, disease-oriented, hospital-and-medication-based model to a personalized preventive approach that puts the patient at the center of care.

His focus is on the reversal and prevention of disease. He achieves these goals by helping people to implement lifestyle changes, with an emphasis on a nutrient-rich diet of whole, unrefined plant foods.

 Visit  Ethos Healthto find out more. 

Please consult a doctor before making lifestyle changes. Do not change your medication without doctor consent.