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Healthy Heart Bundle

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The idea for MamaSezz came when doctors told our founder's Mama (Millie), who had congestive heart failure, that she was going to die. Today, 8 years later, Millie is alive and thriving (and swimming and driving and playing with her grandkids) because of a whole food plant-based diet. So this bundle is close to our heart! 

The meals in this bundle follow heart-healthy guidelines and have zero nuts (all MamaSezz meals are low salt and oil-free). 

In Your Box

  • Meal plan with (optional) suggestions for how to serve your food
  • Easy heat and eat instructions 
  • 8 delicious products 
Moroccan Stew - 3 servings
Breakfast Scramble - 1.75 servings
Quinoa Stack - 3 servings
Cauliflower Bisque - 3 servings 
    *MamaSezz foods are made in a facility that uses nuts and soy.