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How we lost 100+ pounds fast (No surgery, calorie counting, or starvation diets)

Written by MamaSezz Team
Plant based weight loss with MamaSezz

As we at MamaSezz well know, changing to a plant-based diet can change your life in ways you never expected. Some people reversed the disease, some lost 100 pounds or more! In this series, we talk with some of the world’s most soulful, dedicated (and often funny) individuals. We get to hear their stories of suffering, transformation, and service — and we learn how food is an essential part of their journey.

Ever think, “if I could just eat a little less, and drag my butt to the gym, I would lose these extra pounds!”? As it turns out, the calorie-in calorie-out method hasn’t proven beneficial for long-term and sustained weight loss. “Eat less” and “exercising off the calories” can be very difficult to maintain, and leave you feeling deprived. That said, maintaining a healthy weight is critical for overall disease prevention and health. How do you drop the weight and keep it off without calorie counting

Let’s talk about a way to lose weight that is not only physically healthy, but also mentally healthy. Shift your focus from quantity to quality. Fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds and whole grains, eaten in their whole form are not only nutrient dense, but also tend to be low fat. 

This week, we're sharing the stories of three people who struggled with weight and yo-yo dieting their whole lives and finally saw sustainable success by making a fundamental dietary shift...

But first, if you're interested in losing weight using some of the methods that these three folks did, try the MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Program. Start losing weight quickly (without any hunger or deprivation). Enjoy ready-made meals, and nutritional support. Gain the skills you'll need to continue and sustain your weight loss well after the program has ended. 

1. First, we talk with Anthony who tried a plant-based weight loss meal plan

Anthony lost 160 pounds simply by eating more whole fruits and veggies. Like the other two men featured in this article, Anthony had a health scare that triggered his change in diet.  

“His approach to food, losing weight, and exercise is a refreshing shift from the usual “Eat Less, Exercise More" approach.” Instead of starving and sweating, Anthony was able to change his food preferences in just a few weeks (it takes about two weeks for your taste buds to adjust) and eat a more plant-centric diet. He focused on nutrient density, and cut out refined foods like oils and refined sugars. It took only 20 months for Anthony to drop 160 pounds off his scale. Then, he became a fit and healthy version of the man that was denied life insurance just over a year and a half earlier. Did he ever think he could say "I lost 100 pounds"? Well, instead he lost more!  Read on to hear how he got started on his plant based weight loss meal plan.


2. Next, we have Chuck Carroll:A Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan

“There's so much that leads up to getting up to 420 pounds and then losing all that weight, you know. The story for anybody that's lost an incredible amount of weight can be quite long. But for me, in a nutshell, it's a story about food addiction. And the seeds for that got planted very early in life unbeknownst to me at the time.”

Food addiction is a struggle for so many, especially among the morbidly obese. The brain becomes so conditioned to eat high sugar and fat foods, that the body actually screams at them, “YOU’RE STARVING” if they were to eat a typical, “healthy” meal. To break from this cycle can be stressful (to say the least), but once the brain resets, it’s all downhill from there. Chuck found that once he was able to switch to a plant-based diet, the fat came off pretty quickly: 

“Plant-based eating is the key to everything. We're going to tie that up in a nice bow, how I got here. The weight actually came off pretty quickly... because I was so dedicated to not eating that garbage anymore”

Get the rest of Chuck’s inspirational story when he tried a plant based weight loss meal plan.


3. Third, we chatted with Carolyn who lost over 100 pounds

Carolyn was only a young adult when she had to start using a cane to walk, due to her MS. She has stumbled into what felt like a nightmare:

“Living with a chronic illness was worse than I could’ve imagined. My body broke down around me and I desperately wanted to escape. Popping prescriptions became my new normal, but they didn't help me much with my symptoms. From blurry vision and cognitive lapses to disabling daily pain and muscle weakness, I was trapped in my own personal nightmare.”

Carolyn set a goal, switched to a anti-inflammatory plant-based diet. She saw rapid results that resulted in her ability to say "I lost 100 pounds!":

“Within a week of this lifestyle change, I'd lost 12 pounds. Within 6 months, I rode in a bike marathon. In a year, I gave up my cane for good.” 

Today, she's lost 145 pounds, her symptoms of MS have all but dissolved, she is a holistic health coach helping others make lifestyle choices, and has broken free from her nightmare. Change is possible! Check out Carolyn’s full story. 

Ready to lose weight, without feeling deprived?

Lose weight naturally, and with support and ready-made meals along the way, when you sign up for the MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Program.

For participants like Brandon who lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks, they don’t see the MamaSezz Weight Loss Program as the end of their journey, but the launching point for a lifetime of healthy habits. To date, Brandon has lost 75 pounds, and continues to use what he’s learned from the program to shed weight on his own. 

“Even before week 1 was over, the temptations were there, but something even more jarring occurred: I had lost a lot of weight in only one week without doing any exercise. I couldn't believe it was working this effectively.  So with a great experienced supporter by my side and the motivation to see just how much this detox plan would work with losing weight, I vowed never to cheat on the diet. And I never broke.” 

Get started losing weight today.


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