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10 Favorite Ways to Enjoy MamaSezz Oil-Free Marinara Sauce

Written by MamaSezz Team
10 Favorite Ways to Enjoy MamaSezz Oil-Free Marinara Sauce

The right sauce does more than just pull a meal together. It elevates the dish from good to great. Its aroma can transport you back to your childhood kitchen or that perfect first date. And our MamaSezz Oil-Free Marinara  sauce lets you relive your favorite memories (and make new ones!) while you eat a whole food plant-based diet. 

Plus, marinara is a famously versatile sauce. Here are our favorite 10 ways to enjoy MamaSezz Oil-Free Marinara Sauce:

1. Mix with your favorite whole wheat or brown rice pasta for a plant-based take on an old classic.

2. Make pizza! Load onto a whole grain pizza crust, top with veggies, and finish with Mama’s Mac Sauce before baking.

3. Spoon into baby Portobellos before cooking in the oven for a great crowd-pleasing and plant-based appetizer.

4. Spread Mama’s Mac sauce in between layers of roasted eggplant, fresh basil and tomatoes for eggplant napoleon. Top with Mama Sezz Marinara!

5. Use in a your favorite Veggie Lasagna recipe. (Use brown rice or whole grain lasagna noodles OR sliced sweet potato for a new take on gluten-free lasagna).

6. Mix with chickpeas and enjoy over avocado toast for a hearty and filling vegan sandwich.

7. Bread and bake eggplant fries (using a flax egg) and use Marinara as a dipping sauce.

8. Roll thin slices of cooked eggplant filled with Mama's Mac Sauce, and top with Marinara for a fun and healthy finger food.

9. Enjoy over zoodles or spaghetti squash.

10. Use MamaSezz Veggie Loaf to make gluten-free and vegan "meatballs." Top with MamaSezz Oil-Free Marinara. 


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