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3 Oil-Free Summer Salad Dressings

As the day gets longer (and temps get higher) I'm finding myself more often than not ditching the dining room table in favor of eating dinner on the deck. And on these outdoor dinner nights, I'm also in the mood for some hearty, delicious summer salads.
Since everyone knows you can't have salad without the dressing, I've gone ahead and gathered some of my favorite oil-free summer salad dressings to help you get your salad on this season, too. 


1. Creamy Cumin Ranch Oil-Free Summer Salad Dressing from Veggie Inspired

Perfect for ranch fans who can't do dairy. This dressing has all the creaminess of your favorite childhood dressing, but none of the tummy aches. Plus, the cumin adds a nice earthy spice for a more grown-up spin. 


Mustard Vinaigrette Oil-Free Summer Salad


2. Mustard Vinaigrette Oil-Free Summer Salad Dressing from One Green Planet 

This super easy dressing is ideal for those weeknights when you just can't possibly spend more than five minutes prepping for supper. Low in sugar but not in flavor, this one's sure to please everyone at your table. 


lemon tahini oil-free summer salad dressing


3. Lemon Tahini Oil-Free Summer Salad Dressing from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Great on green salad, MamaSezz Southwest Quinoa, or in a wrap, this tangy and sweet oil-free summer salad dressing is another creamy (but NOT heavy) favorite to add to your weekly rotation.  


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