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vegan thanksgiving menu

No Turkey, No Problem: The FREE WFPB Vegan Thanksgiving Menu You Need This Holiday Season 

From stuffing to pumpkin pie, we've got your whole food plant-based bases covered this holiday season.

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Oil Free Salad Dressing

Cooking with MamaSezz: Creamy Garlic Oil-Free Dressing

I hate to feed into the stereotype that vegans only eat salad… but there’s nothing better on a hot day than fresh, loaded greens. And while making your own dressing MAY sound intimidating, I promise you it's not! Meet my favorite quick and easy salad companion: creamy garlic oil-free dressing! My favorite way to enjoy this rich, nutty dressing is over a salad made with equal parts arugula, spinach, and basil, topped with fresh veggies. (Pick your favorite veggies, but here's a tip: what grows together, goes together. In season always tastes best!) Serves: Enough dressing for 4 salads Prep time:...

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